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ElecComm Offers Quality Golf Course Poles and Netting Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 31, 2018
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

During the warmer days, golf enthusiasts hit the golf range. Due to the increasing number of participants on the golf courses, it's important for golf range owners to be sure the environment is secure by installing golf range netting to protect people and property both inside and outside the premises.

Golf courses have both beginners and experts practicing their swing and driving. Providing a space to practice and compete without restriction increase enjoyment and revenue. State of the art golf driving range netting is necessary to ensure that stray balls won't end up in areas where they shouldn't be. Golf balls should stay within the range so as not to pose a threat to passersby and nearby property.

ElecComm offers durable poles and safety golf netting. Golf driving range netting in Boston, MA is our expertise and we guarantee meticulous and quality installation that will last. For golf course poles and netting services, contact ElecComm.

ElecComm for Quality Construction and Maintenance of New Power Infrastructure

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 24, 2018
ElecComm Power Infrastructure - Boston, MA

As commercial buildings and retail stores begin to sprout up across Massachusetts, the demand for utility infrastructure also surges. New power lines, poles and transfer stations must be built in order to supply power adequately to business establishments.

ElecComm offers energy construction services that includes design, construction, engineering and infrastructure for busineses and commercial consumers. Our crew is fully crossed trained to make sure every phase of the operation is carried out meticulously. You can count on us for quality construction of fiber optic cable splicing, testing, restoration and maintenance.

If your business requires electric transmission line updates, telecommunication and fiber optic networks, ElecComm can assist in your construction project. Contact ustoday, our crew will assist you from development to maintenance of your new utility infrastructure



Underground High Voltage Cable Protection System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 17, 2018
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Providence, RI

Underground cable protection is integral to protect underground high voltage cables in Providence, RI. Utility and electric construction line companies must abide by the power industry standards to ensure the ground cables are well-protected from electric faults and physical damages. Efficient power distribution with less interruption can be achieved when these standard systems are properly applied during installation and maintenance.

Pad-mounted gear assembly is done to case distribution switches, fuses and other switch gears in air-insulated steel. This housing keeps contaminants at bay and makes it easy for manual and remote supervision/control of the entire system. Pad-mounted fused switches, pad-mounted vacuum fault interrupters and pad-mounted breakers and re-closurers are the usual methods enforced to secure it during underground high voltage installation.

When protecting the cables, this depends on the voltage and installation process of your electric company. But commonly warning tapes and markers are used to provide clear visual indication to workers operating near the infrastructure. Protective coverings such as mesh, sheets and hard pipes add impact protection during excavation work nearby. In some installations, concrete is affixed to the conduits for further protection.

To find out more about underground distribution system protection, contact ElecComm.

Advantages of Underground High Voltage Cable System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 10, 2018
ElecComm underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA

Many companies and commercial infrastructure are using underground high voltage cable systems because of the many advantages it offers in communication and data transfers. Here are few advantages of underground power systems:

Compared to overhead power lines that are prone to environmental hazards, underground cables are much safer because they are buried making the risk for danger minimal. It also presents a better view in urban, historic or in environmentally protected areas since the cables are situated below ground and are not visible. Moreover, underground high voltage cables in Boston, MA requires less maintenance since faulty lines are less likely to occur because of the layers of insulation and mechanical protection that are applied. Voltage drop and power surges are reduced in underground power lines due to the protective properties that are designed to lessen these common electrical issues.

If you are planning to upgrade your electric and communication distribution system, you might want to consider an underground high voltage cable setup. Contact ElecComm for removal of your traditional overhead cables and for information on installation of your new underground distribution structure.

Telecommunication Network for Faster and More Secure Business Transaction - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 03, 2018
ElecComm telecommunication networks in Providence, RI

Telecommunication networks in Providence, RI have an integral role in delivering relevant information and data over immense distances. It is now widely applied in business and commercial use to extend their services to a much greater area quickly. With telecommunication networks, businesses can showcase their products and services virtually and carry out quicker transactions with ease and security.

Over the years, telecommunication networks have been constantly evolving and have assisted hi-tech devices which have access to computer networks. This provides much faster interaction between consumers and businesses. Installation of telecommunication networks calls for a strategic design in order to secure the sharing of pertinent data. The discovery of fiber optics has paved the way for the speedier transmission of data and has offered a more secure option for data sharing.

The application of fiber optic splicing in telecommunication networks provides businesses a much more reliable means of communication with customers and remote employees and promotes more collaboration. With the advantages and benefits of telecommunications networks, businesses can expand rapidly and have more opportunity for new ventures to rise and grow.

If you are interested in updating your telecommunication network infrastructure, contact ElecComm.

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