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Fiber Optic Splicing Improves Telecommunications Networks for Better Employee Collaboration and Customer Service - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 22, 2015

Telecommunication networks play a vital role in business of all kinds because they make the electronic tranmission of important information possible to multiple users over long distances. In fact, currently businesses and electrical contractors are looking for a way to enhance these fiber optic networks in order to provide a more effective and efficient way to send, receive, and organize data.

Fiber optics are considered the fundamental building blocks in constructing transmission infrastructure in Boston, MA. These hair-thin fibers have higher bandwidth capabilities and lower attenuation characteristics when compared to their traditional counterparts. As a result, new telecommunication networks are configured with the use of fiber optics. Also, as part of the development of information technology, the older copper wire networks are now being reconfigured and upgraded.

Through fiber optic splicing, today's telecommunication networks are able to process gigabite transmissions and beyond which is important for businesses that have a broader system of connections. With fiber optic networks there is an improved connection and better communication in operations, paving the way for a better employee collaboration and customer service.

Fiber optic splicing has undeniably caused telecommuncation networks to achieve a great leap forward. To find out how you can use this technology to your advantage, contact ElecComm Corporation.

Fiber Optics Telecommunication Networks for A More Elaborate Platform for Electronic Information Transmission - Pittsfield, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 08, 2015

Telecommunication networks in Pittsfield, MA have provided a more elaborate platform that makes the electronic transmission of important information over long distances more effective and efficient. Fiber optics are utilized in telecommunications networks to improve the process that is vital to businesses operating in Massachusetts.

Fiber optics cable installation and splicing is being performed in local area networks and wide area networks. Even older transmission networks and trading systems made of copper wires are being reconfigured or replaced with fiber optics to upgrade them in terms of capacity and connectivity. This results in better control of the transfer and exchange of data especially among multiple users in a network.

To meet and exceed demands, most, if not all telecommunication networks now depend on the desirable features of fiber optics when it comes to minor and major cabling projects. With fewer problems and issues, the technological advancement of fiber optics helps ensure a more reliable and viable means of sending, receiving, and organizing information in any digital form.

To find out more about how fiber optics cable installation and splicing can improve the telecommunication network in your business, contact ElecComm Corporation.

ElecComm Corporation Helped Restore Power to Much of Western Mass Over Thanksgiving Weekend – Pittsfield, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 05, 2014

Dozens of utility and tree crews worked around the clock to restore power through the Thanksgiving holiday and into the weekend. Thousands of residents in Hampshire and Franklin counties were without power through Thanksgiving and ElecComm Corporation worked on the holiday and through Sunday to help utility companies restore power in Western Mass.

The “large area outages” referred to the Hadley, Greenfield and Pittsfield areas.

As of 7 p.m. Thursday, just over 7,000 of the utility’s 213,544 customers did not have power, and most of them were in Franklin and Berkshire counties. Two communities were particularly hard hit, it was reported that all 710 customers in Worthington and more than half of its 892 customers in Leverett were without electricity.

There were also scattered power outages in Amherst, Easthampton, Hadley, Hatfield, Pelham, Southampton, Westhampton and Whately.

The heavy, wet snow took down many trees and lines in so many areas of Western Mass that ElecComm Corporation was called in to help utility companies restore power. It was a long and difficult restoration. WMECo also called in crews from N Star to assist. The challenge was in getting to some areas where the roads were blocked.

Several hours after the last snow fell, trees and limbs continued to come down Thursday morning. Branches continued to fall after the storm ended because of a phenomenon called “snap-back,” which occurs when there is heavy snow that does not easily fall off trees. That added to the problems of getting the lights back on.

When the power goes out, utility companies call ElecComm Corporation. For more information, contact us.

Source: Excerpts – Daily Hampshire Gazette

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