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State of The Art Golf Netting Systems Provide Lasting Protection in Golf Ranges

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 19, 2018
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Investing in high-quality golf poles and netting materials ensures that the investment will last and pay-off over years. There is no point in spending less for lower quality, only to need to replace everything again in just a few years. With golf seasons getting longer, poles and nets need to last. Don't settle for less. Instead invest in high quality golf range netting that offers durability that will last for years.

Golf courses and ranges cannot risk the safety of golfers, spectators, passersby, or nearby businesses. Any untoward incidents that involves stray golf balls will result in liability of the range. When errant golf balls accidentally fly due to weak, torn, loose or absent golf drive range netting, management will pay for the damages to people and property.

But top quality materials are not enough. Proper and safe installation also ensures protection. A proper set-up of safety golf poles and nets are imperative to avoid accidents both inside and outside your golf range. Contact ElecComm for state of the art golf range netting system.

Golf Range Netting for a Safer Golf Environment

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 22, 2018
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

When the weather gets warmer, fairway operators can start preparing their golf courses for springtime games and tournaments. The most important prepwork is the installation of golf range netting to keep golf balls inside the premises and to prevent them from flying out to nearby properties.

ElecComm offers high-quality golf driving range netting in Boston, MA to secure areas where errant golf balls can cause hazard. Management must comply to this safety standard in order to protect both golfers and spectators during practice, games and tournaments. Otherwise, they could face lawsuits as a result of stray golf ball-related incidents.

Golf drive range netting require netting experts to ensure that high quality materials are used and the setup is properly secured. For an effective netting solution, contact us!

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