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ElecComm Offers Quality Golf Course Poles and Netting Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 31, 2018
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

During the warmer days, golf enthusiasts hit the golf range. Due to the increasing number of participants on the golf courses, it's important for golf range owners to be sure the environment is secure by installing golf range netting to protect people and property both inside and outside the premises.

Golf courses have both beginners and experts practicing their swing and driving. Providing a space to practice and compete without restriction increase enjoyment and revenue. State of the art golf driving range netting is necessary to ensure that stray balls won't end up in areas where they shouldn't be. Golf balls should stay within the range so as not to pose a threat to passersby and nearby property.

ElecComm offers durable poles and safety golf netting. Golf driving range netting in Boston, MA is our expertise and we guarantee meticulous and quality installation that will last. For golf course poles and netting services, contact ElecComm.

Golf Range Netting for a Safer Golf Environment

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 22, 2018
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

When the weather gets warmer, fairway operators can start preparing their golf courses for springtime games and tournaments. The most important prepwork is the installation of golf range netting to keep golf balls inside the premises and to prevent them from flying out to nearby properties.

ElecComm offers high-quality golf driving range netting in Boston, MA to secure areas where errant golf balls can cause hazard. Management must comply to this safety standard in order to protect both golfers and spectators during practice, games and tournaments. Otherwise, they could face lawsuits as a result of stray golf ball-related incidents.

Golf drive range netting require netting experts to ensure that high quality materials are used and the setup is properly secured. For an effective netting solution, contact us!

Golf Driving Range Netting: Why Invest in it

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 03, 2017
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Plymouth, MA

If there is one smart investment for golf courses and ranges, it is installing state-of-the-art golf range netting. Of course, owners should invest in this equipment because it plays a vital role in safety.

With professionally installed golf driving range netting in Boston, MA owners and operators of fairways and driving ranges will have peace of mind knowing that the golf balls will stay within the perimeter. Having golf driving range netting in place ensures the safety of the players and spectators as well as the nearby neighborhoods.

Both people and the property will be safer from errant balls when golf driving range netting, made with high-strength materials, are strategically in place. Additionally, owners will be free from liability. Many golf ranges are found in residential areas with wide open spaces. This setting puts the safety of passersby and homes at stake which increases the liability of the course owners.

To find out more about customizing and installing golf driving range netting system, contact the ElecComm.

Durable and Affordable Golf Driving Range Netting for A Fun and Productive Golf Game - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 11, 2017

Golf is one of the most well-loved activities in sports and recreation during the warm weather. Golf offers a leisurely and unhurried way to relax, exercise, socialize and conduct business. The popularity of golf has led the industry to up it's game in constructing and designing golf courses and golf course driving ranges. A golf driving range is the perfect place for beginner golfers to practice their swing, it must have the facilities that make the practice productive. Through the use of golf driving range netting that is safe and secure, golfers can practice their swing without concern.

As you know, golf range netting is an important aspect in regards to driving range safety for spectators and passersby. A driving range serves as a practice space for golfers or for those who do not have enough time to play a full golf game. Beginners, amateurs, and experienced golfers need a place where they can walk around safely. Owners need a space that frees them from liability.

Installing golf driving range netting in Boston, MA that maintains safety while being aesthetically pleasing for golfers as well as neighboring homes and businesses is imperative. No need to worry about stray balls in residential or commercial neighboring property or the liability involved. Redden Nets polyester driving range netting can be installed as a barrier of the purpose of safety and protection. For installation of new projects, repair of existing poles and netting, or replacement of golf driving range netting systems, contact ElecComm.

Golf Driving Range Netting Shows Your Clients and Neighbors that You Care About Safety and Appearance - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Installing golf driving range netting in Boston, MA is a precautionary measure that an owner or operator of a golf course or range must always consider. With netting in place you will be able to reduce risk and liability that can happen by not having it installed.

Golf range netting installations give you more confidence that your clients will receive the protection they need to stay safe and satisfied during their game. Netting can be custom-fit for your specific requirements such as net dimensions and color. A thorough consultation and inspection will be conducted by ElecComm before installation in order to ensure that both your clients and the neighboring community will be pleased with the effectiveness and appearance of the netting.

When making a long-term investment like golf range netting, make sure that you choose products that last. Netting on golf courses are an investment that should last for years. Every installation is completed with high quality material so it can stand up to harsh weather and use regardless of the environment in which the nets and poles are installed.

Range netting for golf courses should look appealing to members and pedestrians, especially when it is properly and professionally installed. It is an effective way to show your customers and neighboring residential and commercial establishments that you care. To find out more about golf course netting and installation, contact the professionals at ElecComm.

Netting on Golf Courses Helps Manage Risks to Your Business - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 14, 2015

As an owner or an operator of golf courses and driving ranges, it is a major priority to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your valued clients by installing golf driving range netting which is made of the highest quality materials in the market. This is an effective way to show your customers that you care for their safety as well as an ideal way to make their experience more enjoyable and memorable. But most importantly, golf course netting reduces the risk and liability to your business.

Golf driving range netting in Boston, MA must be durable and functional. It also needs to be pleasing to the eye. Professional installers always consider the surrounding environment around your business, so the netting will pleasantly blend. Not only will you be able to protect your business but you will also make your operations more appealing to your customers, both golfers and pedestirans.

Netting on golf courses helps manage various risks to your business as well. It protects all players and spectators during the game while preventing damage and injury from occurring in the surrounding residential and commercial establishments and neighborhoods.

Take precautionary measures to protect your property and the people who occupy it as well as those living near your golf course. For more details, contact ElecComm.

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