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Golf Course Netting Repairs, Replacement, and Installation - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 07, 2013

Golf season is upon us in full swing, but still, many golf courses and driving ranges around New England need golf course netting repair or replacement. With an most golf courses seeing an increase in business this year of recent years, now is the time to increase the size of the range or do overdue repairs to golf course netting and lights.

Golf course netting needs to be safe and secure in order to protect against property damage and personal injury which is why, at ElecComm , our golf course netting is done with Redden nets.

If you need repair and maintenance on netting and poles, now is the time. Your business does not want to be held liable for personal injury or property damage. If you have been contemplating adding driving ranges to your course, now is the time while the economy is getting stronger and interest in golf is on the rise.

ElecComm provides  free estimates on installation of poles and netting for golf driving ranges and golf courses. With us, your netting, poles and lights installation will custom fit your needs. You will be completely satisfied with every golf course netting install we do. For information, contact ElecComm.

Could the Golf Course Be Liable if Golf Netting is Not Replaced?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 26, 2013

Golf courses and driving range all over the Boston area are in need of replacement netting, poles and lighting. Spring is here, and the weather is finely nice enough that golfers can head outside and enjoy the green and the driving range.
Protect your business, abutting property and your guests with replacement golf course netting, poles and lighting.

According to an attorney who was quoted on CBS:

“If you hit a ball and that ball happens to head off and hurt somebody, you are responsible and you have a responsibility to step up,” said attorney Eric Ratinoff.

Ratinoff says while a golfer may be to blame, he doesn’t think that necessarily releases the golf course of all responsibility.

“If the golf course hasn’t at least taken reasonable measures to make sure the golf ball is either stopped with netting, whether it’s high enough or the netting is appropriate enough for the circumstances, then the golf course could be liable too,” said Ratinoff.

At ElecComm we provide installation of poles and netting for golf driving ranges and golf courses along with replacement netting and free estimates.  We use only the best materials and all of our netting is done with Redden Nets. For more information, contact ElecComm.

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