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Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Makes Power Lines Hurricane-Proof

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 21, 2017
ElecComm - underground high voltage cable installation in MA

Hurricanes, tropical storms and Nor' Easters can cause quite a bit of damage to communities. Among the damage there are always downed power lines which cause widespread outages. Power line restoration services usually begin immediately, however, depending on the expanse of damage, repairs can often take a lot of time and resources. Hurricanes and strong winds occur fairly often in fall and winter in Massachusetts which can translate into huge expenses. This is why communities and businesses should consider underground high voltage cable networks for long term cost-effectiveness and decreased power interruptions.

At first glance, businesses may get discouraged in regards to underground power lines because of the initial costs. However, they fail to realize that underground power lines have many advantages that can justify the initial expense. They are, in fact, more cost-efficient in the long run. Underground lines are less susceptible to weather and wind damage, which means damage is decreased. This leads to far lower overall repair and maintenance costs. Additionally, the cost and danger of pruning tree limbs are eliminated as well. As a result, repair and maintenance costs can be removed as a budget line-item for businesses, municipalities and electric companies.

Companies should also consider underground high voltage cable installation because they are so much better insulated than overhead. Underground power lines are covered with layers of insulation that prevent heat dissipation and lower transmission loss. By choosing underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA, transmission is safer and more efficient, also reducing end costs.

To find out more about the advantages of underground high voltage cable installations, contact ElecComm.

Underground High Voltage Cable Installations are More Aesthetic and More Effective - Plymouth, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 14, 2016

Because downed overhead power lines create such a hassle in winter, underground high voltage cable installation is becoming a more practical option. Instead of having overhead powerlines hanging that are exposed to the damaging elements, the cables are being installed underground which keeps them well protected from the issues caused by winter storms. As a result the occurrence or frequency of power outages caused by downed lines is significantly decreased.

Technological advancements are incorporated into the installation and configuration of underground power lines to ensure that they remain functional and perform better than overhead power lines, particularly in terms of capacity and reliability. Underground installation is a more efficient replacement for overhead power lines. At a glance, it may seem that the biggest benefit to underground lines is only performed for aesthetic purposes. But taking a look at the bigger picture, you will see that they serve a more significant purpose making electrical power lines less susceptible to environmental factors that can lead to power interruptions. Less maintenance means a decrease in operational costs of the cables over their lifetime.

There are many factors to consider and procedures to follow in order to make underground installation successful. This is why ElecComm technicians are the specialists in underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA; with the required knowledge and skills to do the job correctly.

To find out more about the advantages of underground high voltage cable installation, contact the ElecComm.

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