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New Electric Line Construction for New Apartments and Condos

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 12, 2013

As the housing market faltered and more people were renting there was an increase in construction of apartments and condos. Even as the housing market improves, the apartment complex and condominium construction boom continues.

The increase in apartments and condos also requires new electric line construction and the electrical infrastructure improvements that are required to add hundreds of housing units to the ‘grid’.

Many of these apartments and condos are luxury homes. This means that not only are electric lines required , multiple phone lines and cable for all rooms is also necessary. Most of these lines are being run underground, however new poles and transformers are also needed.

For large, important electric construction jobs, large commercial construction companies entrust ElecComm. With staff adept at project management, construction companies can count on ElecComm to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

For all new electric line construction needs, or for improvements to existing electric infrastructure, trust ElecComm, contact Us.

Utility and Power Line Repairs from Summer Storms – Boston, Portsmouth

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Earlier this week, all over Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, sudden summer thunderstorms reaped havoc on trees, homes and power lines causing power outages for hundreds of customers. Summer storms happen anywhere at any time, especially during hurricane season. Utility companies regularly contract electric line construction companies for utility line repair and maintenance in order to get their customers’ power turned back on as soon as possible.

Utility companies and electric line construction companies need reputable storm response teams from line construction companies who are fully crossed trained and are ready for dispatch in preparation for any planned or unplanned weather event.

ElecComm provides assistance to major public utilities companies throughout Massachusetts and New England including PSNH, WMECO, Unitil, NHEC, and NSTAR,  restoring power during major power outages resulting from storms. For more information on ECC, contact us.

New Construction Means New Electric Transmission Lines - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 14, 2013

The home buying market place has inspired the construction on numerous condominium complexes and apartment homes. Additionally, the improving economy has spurned the new construction of strip malls and shopping complexes. All of this residential and commercial construction requires new electrical lines and high voltage cables for residents and businesses.
As construction companies build, the electricity for these large communities and shopping centers needs to be tied into the existing power grid. Power and cable needs to run to this new construction. Electric line construction companies have the time, equipment and expertise for project management and the completion of the project in the required time frame.

This kind of project requires the erecting of the transmission structures, the wiring of the transmission lines. New lines and towers are necessary so there is no overload to the existing electrical infrastructure. This gives the apartments, condos and shopping areas the right amount of power without  overextending the grid.

Electric line construction companies work with public utility companies in the construction of electric. If you are a construction company building a large complex in the Boston area, contact ElecComm.

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