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Winter Storms Can Reap Havoc on Utilities - Massachusetts

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter storms can happen at any time and they can really reap havoc on the utility lines around the state. Several Mid Atlantic East coast states have been dramatically affected by winter storms over the course of the last few years. Additionally, it is predicted that this winter could be very challenging.

Utility companies and electric line construction companies send storm response teams out all winter long all around East coast to rebuild electric lines and to restore power to the residential and business customers that lose power during these snow, ice, wind, and rain storms.

ElecComm is an electric line contracting company that provides assistance to major public utilities throughout New England restoring power during major winter storms and unexpected power outages. ElecComm is fully crossed trained and is ready for dispatch in preparation for any planned or unplanned power outage. Contact us.

Electrical Line Storm Response

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 21, 2012

Today is the first day of winter, and with winter comes storms and downed power lines. In fact, a gust of wind knocked down scaffolding in NY taking down power lines with it.

For electrical line construction or for emergence storm response to repair downed power lines, a trusted Electric line construction company is necessary. A company like ElecComm Power.

ECC provides assistance to major public utilities throughout the Northeast restoring power during major power outages resulting from storms. Our team is fully crossed trained and is ready for dispatch in preparation for any unplanned event.

For more information, contact ECC.

A "Thanksgiving Thank-You Note" For ElecComm

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After SuperStorm Sandy, ElecComm, an electric line construction company, was contacted by utility companies around New England and New York to help restore power. The following is a note we received from Unitil.

"I'd like to extend my appreciatino and thanks to ElecComm Corporation for playing an integral role in making possible our efficient, safe, speedy response to The SuperStorm Sandy. We were able to address the outages affecting over 69,000 customers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in under 48 hours. this was an outstanding feat for a weather event of this magnitude.

Thanks to our collaboration with you and the other electrical contractors, Unitil set the pace for restroation in our region. On behalf of our grateful customers, we thank you for your hard work alongside our crews in response to this unprecedented event."

Again, Thank You,

Robert G. Schoenberger

ElecComm Crews Help Restore Power in NY

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 12, 2012

An electric line construction company from Wilmington, Mass., has been helping fix storm damage in New York City.

Crews from ElecComm worked Thursday to inspect the flooded, muck-filled utility tunnels that carry current to the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens.

Before they descended into the manholes, a worker from New York based Bancker Construction used a 3,400 gallon vacuum truck to suck up the sand that coated the underground cables.

Ed Sellman says the cleaning process helps ensure that crew members are not "working in mud like pigs." It also helps them see what they're doing.

Workers need to visually inspect as much of the underground electrical system as they can for damage before the cables are re-energized.

It's slow, painstaking work.

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