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ElecComm Wins Bid in Chicopee, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 18, 2012

ElecComm was recently awarded the bid for “City of Chicopee Fiber Ring" (144F ADSS). The installation of the fiber optic cable will be in the electrical space and will be performed in and around high voltage lines. ElecCom has an experienced team with the proper qualifications to work in the electrical space. Work performed will be in both the underground and overhead space. This project will commence in mid-June.

Energy Construction Services in New England

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ElecComm provides power and energy construction services such as design, construction, maintenance, engineering, and infrastructure services to the utility industry.

Are you looking for a fiber-optic cable services company for your construction project? ElecComm Power has project management capabilities and fully qualified field personnel who have the skills to make sure that operations run smoothly at every stage.

If you have a fiber optic cable job that entails splicing, testing, restoration, ongoing maintenance or  new construction, you can depend on us. ECC customers include but not limited to major utility companies, state and local government, communication service providers, government federally funded projects, municipalities and private entities. Contact us.

ElecComm Begins Fiber Splicing for the Open Cape Project

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 04, 2012

ElecComm splice crews commenced fiber splicing on the Open Cape Project. Crews are installing fiber optic cable ends into Coyote splice enclosures. The cable ends will be butt spliced together in order to complete the main run or backbone cable for the project. Each splice location needs to have a 144 fiber strands fusion spliced together. Once the backbone is complete, work will begin on laterals – connecting municipal buildings, businesses , and communication hubs.

Picture of Splice TrayDisplays ID tag showing directions of the cable is going. This cable routes towards Fall River.Picture of fiber splice tray which hold the strands of fiber secure and neat. Each fiber  tray holds 48 fusion splices.  Technicians complete three splice trays for a total of 144 fusion splices per location.Display of a Coyote aerial splice enclosure.  Splice enclosures are an air tight container that helps keep the fibers strands and fusion splices dry and clean.
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ECC Has Installed 50 Miles of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Since Awarded the Open Cape Project in 2011

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ElecComm was awarded the Open Cape Project in 2011 and since then has installed 50 miles of ADSS fiber optic cable. The backbone will run from Brockton Mass to Provincetown and the other run will go from Providence, Rhode Island to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Once the backbone is installed Open Cape will install lateral cables that will run into customer space to provide them with service.

ElecComm was also awarded a Fiber to the tower project for Lightower. This project encompasses all ADSS fiber being placed in the power space on the utility poles. ElecComm performs many tasks such as pole transfers, rebuilds, plant extensions, fusion splicing, mass fusion splicing and 24 hour restoration response for Utility companies.

Need more information? Contact ElecComm by clicking here or call 866-466-2931.

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ElecComm carries and installs ADSS Aerial Cable, ADSS Fiber Cable, and Fiber Optic Cable. Our cable meets the needs of for all types of Fiber distribution. ADSS means All-dielectric Self-supporting Optical Cable.

What are the advantages of ADSS Fiber Optic cables:

1. They are light weight and small diameter reducing the load caused by ice and wind and the load on        towers.
2. They have large span length and the largest span is over 1000 meters.

If you need ADSS Fiber cables installed and maintained then please contact ElecComm.

Solutions for All Underground, Overhead and Fiber Optics

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

If you are looking for turn-key services in everything to do with overhead and underground, distribution and telecommunication systems, and design and construction, contact ElecComm.
We are an independent construction and fiber-optic cable company with innovative, end-to-end, turnkey solutions 24/7 with a storm response team that is always available. We serve clients like electric companies, ISP’s, and municipalities.
ElecComm installs, removes and maintains underground and overhead high and low voltage electric, fiber optic cable and communication distribution systems in any type of environment or if you need an entirely new system, we can handle it. We pay strict attention to regulatory safety standards.

We specialize in the construction, engineering and maintenance in the telecommunications industry in New England. After all, we are one of the largest underground and overhead high/low voltage electric and communications line construction companies in New England; contact us.

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