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Golf Course Netting is a Cost-effective Way to Reduce Risks and Lessen Liabilities in Your Business -Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 25, 2014

Golf course netting in Wilmington, MA protects people and properties making it a responsible and a necessary investment for golf course owners. It is needed for either practice or barrier applications at the request of the club members, the local neighbors, and the city.

The main function of netting your golf course is to ensure the safety and security of your patrons. Your golf course netting system must be made of high quality materials, with poles set to stand strongly in order to withstand any load demands.

Golf course netting provides you with a more cost-effective way to efficiently manage various risks and liabilities during all business operations and golf competitions. This guarantees club members and customers a more enjoyable experience. Your golf course netting system should also be able to have a high resistance to extreme wind and weather conditions. During tournaments, you should have extendable barriers to accommodate the powerful drives of exceptional professional and semi-professional golfer.

The growth of golf as a past time and competitive sport has led to a construction boom of new golf course netting systems. Your netting system needs to ensure that all your customers and neighbors and that it complements the aesthetic value of your golf course. The soil type, the prevailing wind, the location, and other concerns must be considered before the custom golf course netting installation.

For a high-performance and long-lasting golf course netting system, contact ElecComm to perform proper and professional installations for you.

Golf Course Netting Protects Property and People - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 31, 2014

Golf netting in Providence, RI must be as durable and functional along with being pleasing to the naked eye. That is why your business' environment should always be considered in the design to ensure that there is a pleasant blending of netting to the surrounds.

As a business owner or operator, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your patrons and to make each experience an enjoyable one. There is no better or more cost-effective means to manage various risks than installing a well-designed golf course netting system. In so doing, you are able to protect your business and make your operation more appealing to your customers, both golfers and viewers.

Netting on golf courses protects both the players and spectators during every game. Golf netting also helps avoid damage that can happen to residential and business establishments situated near the course areas, while also ensuring the safety of the cars and pedestrians situated on nearby streets. Golf course netting separates the active course areas from the driving course and reduces the impact on lakes as well as other environmentally sensitive areas.

In a broader sense, golf course netting is there to prove course owners and operators have taken the precautionary measures to protect their property and the people who occupy it. We understand how important this requirement is to you. ElecComm can help you achieve this by using nothing but the highest quality materials paired with the most modern installation processes for every golf course we service.

Protect your investment while you still can. Have ElecComm do it for you. Hire our custom commercial netting experts do the design and installation for you.

Pole and Golf Netting Repair or Replacement for Fairways and Driving Ranges

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring has finally arrived in New England and the remaining snow is on its way out. This means it will soon be time for folks to start hitting driving ranges and golf courses. If your golf course or driving range needs pole or netting repair or replacement after this long winter, now is the time before the busy season kicks in.
ElecComm offers the best solutions in golf course netting and poles. We will give your course or driving range the space you need created from the right materials. Netting is always custom-made for each course or range to create the most cost effective, highest quality driving range netting system. We will work with you to determine the best placement of your golf course netting system based on trajectory and layout.

At each and every driving range and golf course we consider the surroundings first. With more and more residential communities abutting golf courses, safety and liability are the concerns we consider first. The need for protective golf course netting increases each year. Fairway netting and poles will protect golfers on adjacent fairways as well as the residents in the nearby communities.

By considering each golf course individually, we ensure that your course poles and netting solutions are unique to your needs. Poles and netting are an expense, but our system will last you for years because we take into consideration wind load, force, cabling, and fastening methods, all of which will play a role in the longevity of a driving range net system. If you need to install new, or retrofit your golf course, contact ElecComm.

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