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Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Golf Netting System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 18, 2020
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Golf netting systems function as a protection to keep golf balls inside the field and prevent accidents and damage to neighboring properties. ElecComm is a dynamic company that leverages our skill sets and equipment fleet to expand beyond our electrical service specialty. In fact, we offer the highest quality golf netting solutions in and around the greater Boston area.

Benefits of Having a Durable Gold Netting System

  • Legal Obligation. As a golf course operator, you are obliged to set-up a sturdy and stable golf range netting to ensure the safety of the spectators as well the properties adjacent to the golf field. When legal safety standards have been breached due to errant balls, the operators are liable and can be charged with legal penalties.
  • Safety. Golf nets protect players and spectators from injury related to stray balls. As well, people passing by near your golf course.
  • Protection of Property. Whether your building or your neighbor's, the golf barrier netting makes sure that golf balls won't hit and damage properties by keeping them within the driving range.
  • Separates The Perimeter. Golf netting system acts as a divider that separates the golf play area from other fields or courts intended for other sports.

Since each golf course is unique, each demands a tailored golf netting system plan. Thus, it is smart to contact ElecComm to help you figure out the perfect design according to your location and natural elements that can affect the installation of your golf netting system.

Quality Golf Range Nets Prevent Errant Golf Ball Accidents

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 07, 2019
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

With the golf season is in full swing, there's a growing concern of the safety of those situated in close proximity to the fairways. Errant golf balls cause personal injury and damage to property. Golf club operators are legally liable when this unfortunate scenarios crop up. In order to prevent accidents in and out the golf course, operators rely upon durable golf range netting.

When driving range poles and netting becomes your need, ElecComm is at your service. We provide you the highest quality golf nets that will serve as protective barrier to secure your golf course and prevent accidents to neighboring facilities as well. We have served golf course owners for years now and have the advanced knowledge along with right equipment to guide you through the process of installing and repairing your golf netting system.

Our golf nets are made of premium quality material and we guarantee our installation services. Contact ElecComm for rough estimates of your golf net requirement.

Cutting Edge Golf Range Netting System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 14, 2019
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Golf courses are increasingly being located in close proximity to residential and commercial areas. Although these areas are strategic for the course owners and the golfers themselves, close proximity to commercial and residential buildings pose risks to neighboring facilities as errant golf balls can and will cause damage and/or personal injury. Course managers must ensure that sturdy and reliable golf range netting must adequately partition golf range and errant shots from going outside the course.

When high quality golf driving range netting is needed, ElecComm is your go-to. We provide installation of poles and netting for golf driving ranges and golf courses along with replacement netting. We only use premium quality range nets to ensure errant golf balls to stay inside the golf area. We also make sure that the golf netting system is well-constructed and securely installed as an effective preventative measure against injury or property damage associated with stray golf balls.

We guarantee that our golf range netting set-up can hangs tough against constant strike of heavy golf balls, harsh weather conditions, exposure to environmental elements, and other stresses. Since diverse golf ranges have different needs and dimension requirements, we accept design customization.

For more information about our golf range netting services, contact ElecComm.

State of The Art Golf Netting Systems Provide Lasting Protection in Golf Ranges

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 19, 2018
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Investing in high-quality golf poles and netting materials ensures that the investment will last and pay-off over years. There is no point in spending less for lower quality, only to need to replace everything again in just a few years. With golf seasons getting longer, poles and nets need to last. Don't settle for less. Instead invest in high quality golf range netting that offers durability that will last for years.

Golf courses and ranges cannot risk the safety of golfers, spectators, passersby, or nearby businesses. Any untoward incidents that involves stray golf balls will result in liability of the range. When errant golf balls accidentally fly due to weak, torn, loose or absent golf drive range netting, management will pay for the damages to people and property.

But top quality materials are not enough. Proper and safe installation also ensures protection. A proper set-up of safety golf poles and nets are imperative to avoid accidents both inside and outside your golf range. Contact ElecComm for state of the art golf range netting system.

ElecComm Offers Quality Golf Course Poles and Netting Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 31, 2018
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

During the warmer days, golf enthusiasts hit the golf range. Due to the increasing number of participants on the golf courses, it's important for golf range owners to be sure the environment is secure by installing golf range netting to protect people and property both inside and outside the premises.

Golf courses have both beginners and experts practicing their swing and driving. Providing a space to practice and compete without restriction increase enjoyment and revenue. State of the art golf driving range netting is necessary to ensure that stray balls won't end up in areas where they shouldn't be. Golf balls should stay within the range so as not to pose a threat to passersby and nearby property.

ElecComm offers durable poles and safety golf netting. Golf driving range netting in Boston, MA is our expertise and we guarantee meticulous and quality installation that will last. For golf course poles and netting services, contact ElecComm.

Strong and Resilient Golf Range Netting for a More Secure Golf Courses

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 05, 2018
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

With golf becoming more and more popular, new golf course facilities and driving ranges are available to the increasing number of golf enthusiasts. This has increased the demand for sturdier and more resilient golf netting products. As the competition for the best poles and netting solutions in MA gets tougher, ElecComm has maintained its popularity in the market.

Installation of golf drive range netting in Boston, MA is an expertise of ElecComm company. We install advanced golf netting system there is across Massachusetts. Our products are guaranteed superior quality and we accept custom-cut tailored to your required dimension. Our installation is quick so you can have your netting barrier secured your driving range in no time.

With the best golf range netting setup surrounding your golf course, you can now be worry-free concerning errant golf balls. Contact ElecComm for free quote of your golf netting needs.

Golf Range Netting for a Safer Golf Environment

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 22, 2018
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

When the weather gets warmer, fairway operators can start preparing their golf courses for springtime games and tournaments. The most important prepwork is the installation of golf range netting to keep golf balls inside the premises and to prevent them from flying out to nearby properties.

ElecComm offers high-quality golf driving range netting in Boston, MA to secure areas where errant golf balls can cause hazard. Management must comply to this safety standard in order to protect both golfers and spectators during practice, games and tournaments. Otherwise, they could face lawsuits as a result of stray golf ball-related incidents.

Golf drive range netting require netting experts to ensure that high quality materials are used and the setup is properly secured. For an effective netting solution, contact us!

Golf Driving Range Netting: Why Invest in it

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 03, 2017
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Plymouth, MA

If there is one smart investment for golf courses and ranges, it is installing state-of-the-art golf range netting. Of course, owners should invest in this equipment because it plays a vital role in safety.

With professionally installed golf driving range netting in Boston, MA owners and operators of fairways and driving ranges will have peace of mind knowing that the golf balls will stay within the perimeter. Having golf driving range netting in place ensures the safety of the players and spectators as well as the nearby neighborhoods.

Both people and the property will be safer from errant balls when golf driving range netting, made with high-strength materials, are strategically in place. Additionally, owners will be free from liability. Many golf ranges are found in residential areas with wide open spaces. This setting puts the safety of passersby and homes at stake which increases the liability of the course owners.

To find out more about customizing and installing golf driving range netting system, contact the ElecComm.

Golf Driving Range Netting Safeguards People and Property

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 13, 2017
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

Installing golf driving range netting in Wilmington, MA for your golf course or range is a smart investment. This equipment plays a vital role in ensuring safety of the players, spectators, and the nearby neighborhoods.

With the golf range netting professionally installed, golf balls will stay where they belong, within the golf range or course. Having golf netting strategically in place means both people and property will be safe from any damages associated with errant balls, so owners of the fairway or driving range will have peace of mind knowing that viewers and surrounding homes are safeguarded.

Golf is more popular than ever. But this sport requires a wide area, which means many golf driving ranges are situated near residential areas. To address the concern of the safety of people and protection of property, installing golf range netting is a necessity.

The golf driving range netting should be installed even in practice areas. Because Without it, the golf balls can damage property and injure people when they go out of the golfing perimeter. That becomes a liability for the owners or operators which can cost a lot of money.

To find out more about customizing and installing golf driving range netting system, contact the ElecComm.

Golf Driving Range Netting Ensures Safety at Golf Facilities

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 22, 2017
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

Golf continues to be more and more popular. Because this sport requires a large area, golf ranges often end up abutting both residential and commercial areas. The downside to this set up is the safety and protection of people and property. To address this concern, installing a golf range netting is a necessity.

Golfing facilities must install golf driving range netting . Without it, a driving golf ball can cause damage to properties and people nearby. Golf course netting is instrumental in preventing liability.

Golf driving range netting should also be installed even in practice areas. The golf course perimeter must have high quality netting to ensure that golf balls are prevented from entering residential and commercial space. The ElecComm crew ensures that only high quality materials and construction are used for golf netting installation. Every golf range has unique requirements, the golf netting is installed to meets varying requirements. The netting is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, harsh environmental elements, and other stresses.

For more details about golf driving range netting system installation and customization, contact the ElecComm.

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