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Upgrade Current Utility Lines

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 27, 2012

Northwest New Jersey is upgrading power lines. They will be upgrading the existing 230-kilovolt transmission line for about 45 miles, adding 500 kilovolts onto towers that would be as tall as 195 feet in some cases.

Older electric line infrastructure regularly needs to be updated to accommodate growing populations, new roads and buildings. Often overhead lines need to be buried, or additional lines need to be added.

Upgrades are often very unnecessary. Often this type of work needs to be done to prevent power outages. When power lines cannot bring electricity to individuals' homes because tree limbs bring down the lines to homes and business during storms, upgrades and repairs are needed.

If your town or city needs to upgrade current utility lines, contact ElecCom.    

New Apartment Communities Need Electricity to be Tied into Grid

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

With the increase in the amount of individuals renting today, rental community construction is on the rise in cities and towns throughout New England. As contractors and construction companies scramble to build more apartment homes, the electricity for these large communities needs to be tied into the existing power grid.

Foundations for the transmission structures need to erected, and transmission line wiring also needs to be completed whenever new apartment complexes or condo communities are built. New utility lines and towers prevent the overload to existing electrical infrastructure and allow the new apartment and condo communities to have adequate power without overextending the grid.

Electric line construction companies work closely with public utility companies in the construction of lines, transformers and towers.

If you are a construction company charged with building a new apartment home, condo or townhouse community in New England, contact ElecComm for utility line construction.

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