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Quick Power Restoration Is Critical To Ensure Business Continuity

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 13, 2018
ElecComm - power line storm response in MA

Contingency plans are included in company strategies to deal with emergency situations. Business continuity is the priority in this planning, especially during winter because of the extreme weather conditions in New England. Electric power restoration is a major element of disaster recovery. Normal operations can only be resumed when power is fully restored. Therefor, quick power line storm response is imperative to secure business continuity.

Repairing downed power lines requires an emergency response team that will assess the scenario and perform the proper structural and equipment restoration to damaged lines and poles. Although many businesses have backup generators, power outages are inconvenient to all commercial enterprises. Meanwhile, wireless cellular networks are challenged when trying to sustain companies with large data communication systems, particularly when cables that are embedded along the power line are also down. Consequently, it is important that utility power is restored as soon as possible so companies can get back to their normal operations.

ElecComm can perform power line repair and maintenance in MA so that businesses will recover from electricity loss right away. Our team is comprised of skilled linemen and technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Do not hesitate to contact ElecComm for overhead power line repairs.

Business Power Outage Tips

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 08, 2018
ElecComm Power Line Response, Boston, MA

Power outages due to stormy weather, other natural disaster or technical malfunctions in power system can disrupt any commercial or business operations. Loss of electricity in company buildings and business establishments means no lights or power to run electrical equipment which is critical in business procedures. It’s important to be prepared for power outages and to have power restored as soon as possible to ensure business continuity. Here are preparations to lessen the impact of power failure to business operations and ensure the safety of customers and employees:

Business Outage Alerts - Get potential power outage notifications in order to be informed ahead of time before loss of electricity takes place.

Emergency Hotlines - Make sure you have a copy of your utility company’s emergency hotline to report any outage or outage-related issues right away.

Business Continuity Plan - Formulate a business continuity plan with employees concerning disruption of service due to power failure. Assign an emergency team of employees and start emergency drills and trainings for all company workers.

Back Up Power - Most companies invest on generators especially those that have delicate equipment. When operating the generator always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Place and operate generators outside the building and as much as possible in a perfectly ventilated area. Gas generators produces carbon monoxide that can be harmful to those inside the building when fumes coming from generators are inhaled. Always use well-grounded extension cords when connecting the equipment directly to the generator.

Emergency Supplies - Keep emergency supplies accessible at all times. This includes flashlights and extra batteries, battery-powered radio, cellphone with charger and first aid kit.

Building Safety Standards - Building must have luminous exit signs to guide your employees or customers out from the establishment to a safer area in the event of emergency that requires evacuation. Also, there should be security alarms and fire-suppression system installed.

If you need a quick power line repair and maintenance in MA to assist you deal with business power line issues, contact ElecComm. Our emergency response team are always ready 24/7.

Quick Power Line Repair Storm Response Helps Companies Execute Business Continuity Plans

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 25, 2018
ElecComm - power line storm response in Boston, MA

Business continuity plans are part of the strategies that companies device to cope with disasters such as accidents and natural calamities. With the winter weather affecting businesses and people alike, proper implementation of these contingency plans is a top-most priority. Restoration of electric power is a major factor in disaster recovery efforts. When power is fully restored, operations can immediately return to normal. Therefore, a quick power line storm response for damaged and downed power lines is a big help in restoring business activities.

Since electric power is the backbone of modern industry, repairing downed power lines enables companies to gather emergency response personnel to assess the situation then do structural and equipment restoration in case of damages. The use of expensive fuel for prolonged use of generator systems will cause operational costs to skyrocket. Companies that use large data communication systems cannot rely solely on wireless cellular networks when communication cables that are tagged along the power lines are also downed. Communication lines have the bigger capacity to accommodate the huge demand in bandwidth of most companies. In short, a full restoration of utility power lines is needed to normalize company operations, and the community as a whole.

Companies like ElecCom that provide power line repair and maintenance in MA are ready to assist businesses recover by providing quick storm response services. ElecComm is proud to offer these services. Highly skilled linemen and engineers stand by 24/7 for repair to damaged power lines. For more information on overhead power line repair and maintenance, contact ElecComm.

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