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Repairing Downed Power Lines ASAP

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, April 21, 2019
ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

Public safety is everyone's concern and responsibility. There are many when people whose main responsibility is to ensure public safety are faced with difficult challenges. One of those challenges is downed power lines. Downed power lines are not only a safety threat but power outages radically effect the entire populous. Municipalities and power companies often turn to the professionals of ElecComm to rapidly address downed power lines.

Downed or damaged power lines pose serious threats to the public. As soon as a downed power line is seen, companies repairing downed power lines should be called right away so that expert electricians can come over and see what they can do about the situation.

There are several reasons as to why and how electric power could be knocked down. It is commonly due to severe weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes which result in broken utility poles and broken power lines lying on the ground. These downed lines may still be live and can cause electrocution to any passerby. That is immediate power line storm response service is imperative. They can prevent these threats from happening and these cases from worsening.

The earlier the remedy, the better. Immediate restoration of power in the affected area is vital. Businesses resume normal operations thereby sparing them from any further financial and opportunity loss. Having poorly maintained electric poles and power lines is definitely a recurring threat to the continuity of power service.

It is equally important for municipalities and businesses to conduct regular repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA as part of safety procedures of power utilities. Doing so will help ensure that the power lines are a hundred percent up to standards and so related accidents will be kept at bay.

To find out more about the importance of repairing downed power lines for public safety, contact ElecComm.

Energized Power Line Repair Maintain Stability In Power Systems

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 04, 2018
Eleccom - Repair and Maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA

Live line working also known as hotline repair, involves the most sophisticated methods in repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA. Repair and maintenance operations are performed without cutting off the power which is usually high voltage. While overhead electric power lines utilize high voltages, most objects including people are normally 0 potential or neutral. When neutral objects or objects at different potential, come close to or in direct contact with high potential points such as overhead power lines, large current or electrical arcing is generated. These currents can be debilitating because they can cause electrical fault to power systems and equipment or electrical shock when passed through the human body. The following hotline repair methods protect the linemen from perilous electrical arcing.

  1. Bare-hand or Hot Hand Method. Maintaining the same voltage between the power line and the tools and the human body performing the repair is a commonly used technique. A specialized suit is worn by linemen doing the repair. Workers are raised to the same voltage as the live line using a platform or helicopter. It is crucial that workers must be isolated from other objects with different potential in order not to cause any current to flow. As an effect, all grounded or earthed equipment must be removed. As the worker approaches the power line, small arcing is generated with the use of a conducting wand to electrically bond himself to the live line. At this point, the worker and the power line are at the same potential so the worker is safe from shock.
  2. Hot Stick Method. This method works under the principle that a minimum safe distance must be maintained between the worker and the live line to prevent the occurrence of electrical arcs. The hot stick maintains a safe gap between worker and the live line where surrounding air can sometimes become conductive. Essential repair tools are attached to the hot stick which is normally made up of insulator material providing safe repair work for linemen. However this method limits the linemen’s dexterity as tools are distanced from operating workers themselves.
  3. Hot Gloves. The lineman is protected by insulating gloves and performs the operation in direct contact with the live parts. Additional insulation may be added to protect the worker from exposure to an object at a different potential that may serve as a second point of contact aside from the gloves.

Hotline maintenance and repair is executed when there is a need for both continuous supply of electric power and critical repairs of high voltage conductors and insulators in vital installations such as substations. Moreover, it is also applied when connecting new service connections mostly in areas with rapid growth of electrical consumption. Performing a de-energized downed power line repair may take weeks. A service interruption may require curtailment in power generation which consequently cause instability in interconnected power systems. It is therefore imperative for utility companies to consider live line working in certain circumstances. For more details about overhead power line repair and maintenance, contact Eleccomm.

Immediate Power Line Repair Storm Response Limits Winter Power Outages

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 09, 2017
ElecComm - power line storm response in  Plymouth, MA

Winter can be challenging for several businesses because of the sever weather it brings. While the weather offers opportunities for winter related businesses, it can be challenging to manage when that same winter brings along with it power outages. The strong winds and heavy snowfalls that are common can be challenging for electricity distribution, particularly for overhead power lines. Hanging lines are exposed to the elements which makes them susceptible to damage. When this occurs, businesses call on utility companies and power line construction companies to provide immediate power line storm response.

Fortunately, winter power outages can be shorter because utility companies can outsource repair assistance to power line construction companies for faster storm response. Power outages in winter are even more difficult and dangerous due to the challenging and cold weather conditions and accessabiltiy. However, the expert crew of ElecComm deploys power line storm response teams for the immediate repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in MA. This helps ensure that the resumption of electric power before the outage takes a toll on business and community.

During winter power outages, damaged power lines and fallen utility poles are common. In these scenarios, immediate restoration of power is important to decrease the inconvenient and uncomfortable situations. Generators can provide temporary power but repairing downed power lines is important and the right team is needed to accomplish the task. To find out more about power line storm response for downed power lines during winter, contact ElecComm.

Repairing Downed Power Lines is Important to Public Safety

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 12, 2017
ElecComm Power Line Response in Wilmington, MA

Public safety is everyone's responsibility. This is why that which can be a danger to the public must be immediately addressed; this includes downed power lines. Downed or damaged power lines can pose a serious threat to the public but they also bring massive inconvenience when damaged. As soon as a lines are downed, companies must immediately begin repairing downed power lines.

Power lines can get damaged through accidents and as a result of severe weather conditions. Both scenarios can result in broken utility poles and power lines on the ground. Even though damaged, lines are still live and can cause electrocution to people and animals. Power line storm response that is immediate can prevent these threats. Immediate repair of power lines also ensures the restoration of power which is vital for both businesses and residents.

It is also important to conduct regular repair and maintenance to overhead power lines as part of safety and preventative measures. This ensures that power lines and poles are up to standard. To find out more about repairing downed power lines, contact ElecComm.

Immediate Power Restoration through Power Line Repair Storm Response

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 14, 2017
ElecComm Power Line Response

Power is often lost after storms strike. This is because power lines are either damaged or destroyed due to strong winds and storm debris. Because electricity is essential to business operations, power lines must be repaired immediately. Immediate power line storm response is imperative for immediate power restoration in the affected areas.

Immediate power line storm response is important in repairing downed power lines for both restoring power and to limit the danger that downed lines pose. These downed, yet live wires carry electricity and are very dangerous to pedestrians and fire can also result. After power outages, power line storm response services must be immediately conducted.

Overhead power lines are always exposed to natural threats like storms. Preventive maintenance must be conducted in order to ensure that overhead power lines are in the best condition to mitigate the risks. Regular repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA ensures a higher degree of safety and reliability during storms. It is important to make sure that power lines are durable and reliable.

For more details on power line storm response, contact ElecComm.

Power Line Storm Response is Needed Before Outages Take Their Toll on Those in The Affected Areas - Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Overhead power lines are very susceptible to extreme weather conditions. This is why they are prone to damages caused by heavy snowfall and strong winds. Even wayward drivers and falling branches and trees can have adverse effects on them. Because accidents and weather cannot be prevented, it is important the companies and electric companies ensure the necessary repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA takes place as soon as possible.

Repairing downed power lines must be addressed accurately and immediately. The inconveniences of power outages pile up quickly for residences and businesses. Issues seem to multiply exponentially the longer it takes to repair downed power lines. That is why electric companies and private businesses often deploy the expert electricians from ElecComm.

A power outage disrupt both homes and businesses. Power line storm response is provided after storm damage wipes out power to prevent homeowners and business owners from suffering from massive inconvenience during downtime. Power line repair is often outsourced to companies such as the ElecComm who have the knowledge, skills and relevant experience to ensure that power is restored.

To find out more about services for repairing downed power lines, contact ElecComm.

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