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Overhead Power Line Safety Tips in Construction Sites

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 13, 2019
ElecComm - Overhead Power Line Repairs and Maintenance, Boston, MA

Fatal injuries associated with overhead power lines are a far too common occurrence at construction sites. It is imperative that construction workers must take preventative steps to work safely near power lines. We think that it is important for the general public to understand the safety considerations that we incorporate into our daily business service operations:

  • Prior to start any work, locate first all overhead power lines.
  • Keep away from all overhead power lines at least 10 feet away and this includes materials and construction equipment.
  • Avoid touching anything that is in contact with the power line.
  • Be careful of fences in close proximity to power lines.
  • Make sure to carry high ladders horizontally so it won't reach or touch the power lines.
  • Lower down cranes, excavators and other equipment apparatus before driving.
  • Do not spray water near the power lines.
  • Stay away from fallen power lines at least 35 feet away. Consider any downed lines as live and dangerous. Also warn others about the incident and inform them to stay at least 35 feet away from incident ground.

Whenever there's a fallen power line, report the incident right away to a power line emergency response team to repair the damaged or downed power lines immediately. In Boston, MA, contact ElecComm, we will get into your site and take proper action without delay to restore power and ensure electrical safety in your workplace.

ElecComm Help Prepare Your Business For Hurricane Season

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, April 28, 2019
ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

Last year's nor'easter disaster in Massachusetts was devastating. It rummaged innumerable properties and affected numerous businesses. Significant power outages lasted for over two weeks as countless power lines were downed.

More than 360,000 customers in MA were without electricity. ElecComm dispatched 24 people to help with the restoration procedure as quickly as possible.

As hurricane season kicks in once again, we can't help but look back upon what occurred last year. We’re prepared for repeat unfortunate events and compel us to constantly improve our contingency management plans. We highly recommend our customers do the same to improve and insure their business continuation in the event of repeat disasters. We encourage them to upgrade obsolete infrastructures so it won't easily break down in extreme weather condition.

Rest assured ElecComm is here to assist our customers at all times in any electrical issue they may encounter. You can rely on our quick response team to repair damaged lines and restore power immediately. Contact ElecComm for power infrastructure maintenance, repairs and emergency situations.

Restoring Power After Three Nor'Easters Hit Massachusetts in Two Weeks

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Massachusetts has been hit by three huge Nor’ Easters in the last two weeks causing significant power outages by downed lines across the state. ElecComm has a total of 24 people and extensive equipment working nonstop along with utility companies since the first storm that hit on Friday March 2.

After hundreds of thousands were out of power after last week’s storm, some for several days, the third nor’easter in ten days hit yesterday and sent hundreds of thousands of people back into the dark.

At the height of last week’s second nor’easter, more than 360,000 customers in MA were without electricity. More than 450,000 lost power in the first nor’easter.

According to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), more than 200,000 customers lost electricity in the latest storm.

ElecComm has been working with the utility companies in MA, both Eversource and National Grid, to repair the lines and restore power to homes and businesses from Northern Massachusetts all the way to the Cape and Islands.

With Eversource, we have been working the South Coast which was the hardest hit by yesterday’s storm. In Chatham, 100% of customers lost power. In Sandwich, Harwich, and Dennis more than 90% of customers were without electricity. In Duxbury, even police headquarters lost power, as well as their backup power. We have also been working with Eversource in Plymouth County as well as in Waltham, Carlisle, and the entire Metrowest area.

Along with National Grid, covering mostly Essex County, our crews were dispatched for “wires down” work. We have been working along with utility companies to get lines repair and power restored.

Yesterday’s heavy wet snow and strong winds caused significant power outages across the state, mainly in the South Shore. Utility Crews remained focused on public safety through the night, responding to police and fire requests. Full-scale restoration efforts will begin today. Power is expected to be fully restored by 6PM Thursday.

ElecComm, along with Eversource and National Grid, are making every effort to bring power back to customers sooner and will continue to assess and repair damage.

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA

ElecComm - Power Line Storm Response, MA


Hurricane Sandy Leaves Many without Power

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There are still more than 100,000 residents and businesses without power in Massachusetts, and in New York, the numbers are far worse. ElecComm is working around the clock with utility companies in New England and New York to help restore power. As we know, storms can happen anywhere at any time and very few have been left untouched by Hurricane Sandy.
Utility companies and electric line construction companies have been sending out storm response teams throughout New England to rebuild electric lines and to restore power to the hundreds of thousands of customers still without power.

Our team was dispatched at 3AM on Monday morning to respond to Unitil and were put to work on power restorations that afternoon. They are still working in New Hampshire to help restore power.

ElecComm provides assistance to major public utilities up and down the east coast restoring power during major power outages caused by storms. We have a fully crossed trained team and we are ready for dispatch in preparation for any planned or unplanned power outage. Contact us for more information.

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