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Storm Response Helps Businesses Through Power Interruptions by Repairing Power Lines - Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 16, 2015

Extremely cold weather conditions often come with blizzards and snowstorms that can bring transmission wires down and knock out electric power. No matter how well power lines and power infrastructure is installed, strong winds and heavy snow can take their toll on overhead power lines simply because they are exposed. As a result, storm response to power outages in Wilmington, MA is available to help businesses cope with winter power outages.

Regardless of if it is a weather-related power interruption or not, power loss is still inconvenient to businesses that are supplied by overhead power lines. This is especially true when power companies have much on their plate and restoring power will take days rather than hours. Most business operations are dependent on electric power. This has resulted in an increase in demand for faster storm response for down power lines in order to reduce the risks that threaten the property and safety of businesses. Today, efforts are also being made to determine the optimal way to configure and construct power infrastructure to withstand weather related power outages.

As a business owner or manager, you no longer have to wait for power restoration. You can have the power lines that bring electricity to your business repaired privately. As a power company, you can hire electrical contractors to assist in storm response. Be ready for power failure this winter. ElecComm provides immediate storm response to restore the power during extreme weather conditions. For more details, contact us.

Storm Response to Weather Related Power Outages – Wilmington, MA

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We are in the midst of hurricane season. Severe summer storms are also very common. Many power outages are caused by severe weather like lightning, rain, snow, and wind. Storms and flash floods can cause electrical power to shut down. The damage due to water in overhead lines and underground high-voltage cables can be very expensive and can cause many problems for businesses.

Weather-related power outages can completely destroy vital power systems and supplies. They leave the affected areas without electricity for days, or worse, weeks and sometimes months. If your business has been or can be affected by natural disasters, its electric systems must be protected to prevent unplanned and unexpected power outages.

Today, we are dependent on electrical power. Our livelihood and our leisure time needs a constant and sufficient supply of electricity. Specifically, power supplies are a vital part of life-support systems in hospitals and for airports. ElecComm provides services to major public utilities in New England during major power outages resulting from storms.

More and more business and other facilities require immediate storm response in Wilmington, MA. A loss of power can result in lost data, decreased output, inconsistent productivity, missed deadlines, revenue loss, and loss of life. Storm response with ElecComm includes installation, removal, and maintenance of overhead lines.

Weather is responsible for the majority of major power outages. Now that every establishment is aware of the possible causes and probable losses of power outages, each should be prepared and protected from any brownout, blackout, and power surge. Contact ElecComm directly.

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