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Underground High Voltage Cable: an Effective Alternative and Solution for Electric/Communications Distribution Systems - Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 12, 2014

Underground high voltage cables are used when overhead lines are inappropriate or impractical to install in some locations in and around Wilmington. They not only are an effective alternative but they are also a justifiable solution for critical circumstances.

The superiority of underground high voltage cables in Wilmington, MA lies in their ability to reduce the visual impact in areas of natural beauty and to minimize potential health risks in areas close to communities and habitats. The increased security of supply has significantly lessened if not eliminated transmission losses and power disruptions resulting from extreme weather condition.

High voltage cables can be established underground with the use of modern technology. These underground cables are usually buried, installed in a tunnel, or contained in a concrete and covered trough. The number of UHVCs may double if a high capacity is required in the area.

Often underground high voltage cables are not preferred because the related costs are higher than that of overhead lines. However, the additional costs incurred can be offset by the use of less expensive XLPE cables which are insulated using plastic rather than oil. Also, the substantial benefits of less maintenance and repairs, and fewer power outages from the application of UHVCs can compensate for the over-and-above expenses

To find out more about the different applications of underground cables, contact the ElecComm.

Wind Turbines Require Underground Electric Cable

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 18, 2013

The wind energy industry in the U.S. received good news recently. With the extension of the Production Tax Credit, which financially supports many of the country’s wind energy projects, the industry has managed to secure at least another year of dynamic growth.

Massachusetts has become one of the leaders in wind energy. While most people think only turbines are needed, underground electric cables are needed to connect the power generated by the turbines to the energy grid.

Wind farms require wind turbines and miles of underground electric cable. The wind power industry needs electric cables that span all the various voltages because wind turbines transmit power from the generators to ground-based equipment through large cables.

To ensure that your wind power project is successfully connected to the grid, contact ElecComm to install the project’s underground cabling.

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