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Underground Cable Safety Maintenance Services

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 12, 2020
ElecComm Underground High Voltage Systems in Boston, MA

During excavation it is of utmost importance to take all the preventative actions before commencing work as outlined in the Code of Practice. One of the main dangers when digging without prior preparation is the possibility of injury from underground power cables. During digging anything in contact with live electricity cables can lead to injuries that can be fatal. The risk of the explosive effect of arcing current and subsequent fire simply must be professionally addressed. With a slight point of a tool or when the cable is crushed severely enough to cause contact between the sheathing and one or more conductors will trigger fires or explosions.

When installing and/or maintaining any underground electrical system, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with the correct cabling map in order to know the location of power cables. We are subject matter experts in cable mapping. If the cable system is not mapped and documented at the start of our support project, it will be by project’s end. It is vital to maintain cable records and have them stored in a visible area inside your office for emergency purposes. These records provide instant definition of the essential cable voltages and the knowledgeable person on site who knows how to interpret the plans. This documentation will assist future operations and maintenance process that involve underground cable survey analysis services.

Realize that in many cases, high voltage powers cables are oil filled. When accidentally violated they are subject to flash ignition. The resulting flash electrical fire can spread to other nearby services such as gas pipes etc. Such accidents are caused by failure to take all relatively safety precautions to prevent accidental contact with underground services.

We exist to help you to install, manage, maintain, and monitor high voltage underground cabling systems affordably and effectively. For information on how to get started, contact us.

Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Lessens the Frequency of Power Outages in Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Underground power lines have many advantages. Additionally, the many benefits that result from their network design and installation outweigh all the technical and cost issues that may exist. Burying power lines protects them from certain damage caused by high wind, car accidents, and falling trees. This keeps the power supply stable throughout the area.

Underground high voltage cable installation in Wilmington, MA lessens the occurrence of power interruptions by putting power lines underground. This makes high voltage cables more appealing in scenic areas and less prone to damage, which decreases the opportunity for power outages. The network design and installation of underground cables has been engineered to guarantee safety, security, and sustainability.

If power lines are installed underground rather than overhead, homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts would suffer fewer weather- or accident- related power outages. This makes underground high voltage cable networks an effective alternative to overhead power lines. In addition to less frequent power outages, underground power lines are also more practical in congested locations, high-profile areas, scenic landscapes, open spaces, or other locations where overhead power lines are inapplicable or inappropriate.

To find out more about the benefits of reliable and durable underground high voltage cable networks, contact ElecComm.

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