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Aerial Lift Testing and Servicing Services

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ETS Inspection and Testing Services

Poorly maintained aerial lifts are a major risk to both operator safety and business owner liability. High voltage dielectric testing of aerial lifts is a critical application because the lift insulates workers from the ground while they are working on or near high voltage cables and apparatus. This testing must be performed correctly by trained personnel using proper equipment and accepted methods like those described in the ANSI 92.2 standard. We exist to keep your business and your operators safe by testing, servicing, and repairing your Boston-area aerial lift fleet.

As expert in Aerial lift operations and maintenance, we consider ourselves to be an excellent consultant source for you and your business as it pertains to good safe practices involving aerial lift maintenance and operations. We are so much more than a certification inspection firm. We’re here to team with you to help you conduct business more efficiently and safely. We stand behind our service and look forward to teaming with you. To get started with the best Boston-area aerial testing and repair services, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.