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Specialization of the HVI Tester

What Type of Tester is Used?

ETS, Inc. owns several portable Aerial Lift & Bucket Truck Testers. This portable high voltage AC test is specifically designed to test aerial lifts. It is designed to meet all ANSI A92.2 testing requirements for insulated work platforms, bucket trucks and liners. The unit may also be used to test other electrical apparatus requiring AC voltage testing. It is rugged, reliable, contains advanced feathers, and provides long term duty ratings.

This tester is designed to provide continuously adjustable AC output up to 120kv with a full kVA tap at 60kv. It is rated for 7kVA of power, enabling it to meet all testing requirements.

Industries Served

  • Utility Companies
  • Communications Companies such as Comcast and Verizon
  • Towns and Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Tree Trimming Companies

Any company that needs testing, ETS Inc. is here for you!

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This Testing is completed ETS Inc. highly trained and courteous inspectors.

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