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Electrical Rubber Glove and Cover Safety Inspection Testing Services

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ETS Inspection and Services, Boston, MA

Every year, business owners suffer the devastating effect of workplace injuries and deaths. Many of these disasters are caused by electrical arc explosions that electrocute and burn those within close proximity of the arc. Sadly, these disasters are almost always preventable when your electrical safety equipment is placed and in proper working condition. A common theme of electrical workplace disaster is that proper electrical safety equipment was placed, but for a host of reasons, had become inoperable and ineffective. For whatever reason, regular recurring inspections of electrical safety equipment was either overlooked or deprioritized. We are in the business to ensure this NEVER happens to you and your business.

We’ll offer some simple and free advice here that just may save your or an employee’s life. Take the time to closely inspect your rubber gloves. This critical piece of safety equipment is one of the most overlooked equipment items from the safety perspective. Far too many take the rubber glove for granted that it remains viable and fully effective. The fact is that they get nicked, cut, or simply wear out. Check your maintenance records and determine when you accomplished the last comprehensive inspection of your rubber glove inventory.

Another item that deserves a high level of functional efficiency testing are your insulating rubber covers. This is the protective gear designed to protect workers from accidental brush contact. They distance workers from electrical loads that almost always charged with potentially fatal electrical energy. This equipment must be inspected and replaced by trained electrical professionals.

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