I wanted to personally thank you and your linemen for helping us out during the recent hurricaine. We live in Smithtown, on Long Island New York. Your line crew was in our neighborhood for days fixing our electric. I wanted you to know how nice they were and how professionally they conducted themselves. We Long Islanders have a bad reputation for abusing our electic company, but I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your men helping us out. We thanked the guys that were here personally, but you to a big thank you as well!

The Fitzgerald Family
26 Lenore Place
Hauppauge, New York 11788


Your crews, led by Greg Burke, were in the process of installing primary cable on Longhill Street in Springfield. While performing his initial inspection upon entering the manhole, Greg noticed a small amount of oil underneath an existing primary joint, and a burn mark on the manhole wall. Upon further examination, he noticed what appeared to be a small hole in the fire wrapping between the joint and the wall and he immediately contacted me. We de-energized the circuit, and discovered that there was in fact a hole in the joint and we safely made repairs.

Greg, and his crews always do a great job at making their work area and themselves safe by using the proper PPE. I think they deserve some positive feedback for a job well done. Greg does an outstanding job of managing his work assignments. Because of this, most jobs are completed ahead of schedule without safety ever being compromised.

Western Massachusetts Electric Company


I was very pleased with a crew from your organization that helped us in time of need. What an asset to your organization. Derrick, Joe Prasol, and the entire crew.

Thanks for all the hard work.

NSTAR, Boston Outage

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