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State of The Art Golf Netting Systems Provide Lasting Protection in Golf Ranges

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 19, 2018
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Investing in high-quality golf poles and netting materials ensures that the investment will last and pay-off over years. There is no point in spending less for lower quality, only to need to replace everything again in just a few years. With golf seasons getting longer, poles and nets need to last. Don't settle for less. Instead invest in high quality golf range netting that offers durability that will last for years.

Golf courses and ranges cannot risk the safety of golfers, spectators, passersby, or nearby businesses. Any untoward incidents that involves stray golf balls will result in liability of the range. When errant golf balls accidentally fly due to weak, torn, loose or absent golf drive range netting, management will pay for the damages to people and property.

But top quality materials are not enough. Proper and safe installation also ensures protection. A proper set-up of safety golf poles and nets are imperative to avoid accidents both inside and outside your golf range. Contact ElecComm for state of the art golf range netting system.

Dielectric Testing of Digger Derricks and Aerial Lifts Prevents Major Equipment Defects

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 12, 2018
ElecComm - Aerial Lift Boston, MA

The responsibility for owning a digger derrick and aerial lift trucks goes beyond meeting requirements set by ANSI and OSHA. The main purpose of annual dielectric testing and inspection is to ensure the safety of those operating it. Through this annual testing and inspection, issues are often detected and addressed before technical defects damage the equipment, or much worse, injure the operator.

Only trained and certified personnel execute high voltage dielectric testing. The procedure usually takes 3-6 hours to complete depending on the type of device being tested. It is recommended to strategically plan out the inspection schedule in order to eliminate or reduce fleet downtime. It's always better to identify and fix issues early while they are minor in nature and to prevent escalation into major equipment malfunction.

The pros here at ElecComm are qualified to perform dielectric testing service. Our crew is comprised of well-equipped certified mechanic with over 35 years of experience in dielectric testing process. If you need such service, don't hesitate to contact us.

New Rental Housing Units Require New Electrical Infrastructure

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 05, 2018
ElecCcom - Repair and Maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA

Today, apartment community construction is everywhere. Due to the increasing number of people who are choosing to rent and the amount of communities cropping up. These communities require new electric line construction and upgrades in the existing electrical infrastructure in order to add additional housing units.

Additionally, these rental units also require multiple phone lines and cabling in addition to just the electric lines. Although underground high voltage cables are now commonly used by many apartment units, the need for installing poles and transformers is also still necessary. Only certified electric construction line companies can handle these broad electric construction jobs for commercial use.

The staff at ElecComm has the knowledge and experience to handle large electric construction line projects. We work hand in hand with construction companies and electric companies for timely delivery of new electrical infrastructure. Contact ElecComm to find out more about our electric construction services.

Dielectric Testing and Inspection of Aerial Lifts Must Be Done By Trained Personnel

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 28, 2018
ElecComm - Aerial Lift Boston, MA

Aerial lift trucks and devices are complex pieces of equipment that, when they become worn out, are expensive to repair. Although they are equipped with proper safety systems, they are still susceptible to overloading during service. Thus, annual dielectric testing and inspection is required to ensure this equipment works safely at maximum capacity prior to dispatching them to the job site.

High voltage dielectric testing of aerial lifts is a crucial task since the lift provides insulation to ground workers who are working on or close to high voltage cables and apparatus. Testing and inspection must be done by certified personnel who are trained to specifically perform dielectric testing service. Only dielectric testing experts are trained to use the special equipment necessary for inspection and testing. Also, there are particular methods that are acceptable to ANSI standards.

ElecComm specialize in this line of work. We guarantee the correct method will be executed when testing aerial devices. Our team is fully-equipped with dielectric testing knowledge, tools, and equipment and we have the competent experience to handle the job. Contact ElecComm to find out more about these services.

Underground High Voltage Cables for Less Power Disruption

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 21, 2018
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

Gusty winds during stormy weather can cause downed power lines which greatly impact business continuity. Although, emergency restoration teams are immediately deployed for necessary repairs, depending on the extent of damage, it can often take days or weeks to fully restore power. With extensive disruption, repair expenses can be extensive and costly. For this reason and more underground high voltage cable networks make great business sense.

The initial expense of upgrading can be intimidating if all factors are not taken into consideration. But when the advantages are properly laid out, consumers can understand the benefits of underground power line. These advantages will support the initial investment and the decrease in repair and maintenance costs will pay for the installation over-time. Because the lines are underground they cannot be affected by strong wind, ice, snow or other environmental damage. With the decreased potential of the damage that can affect overhead lines, power interruptions are less likely. This means less uncontrollable business interruption.

Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA is highly recommended by commercial electric construction companies. The insulation system involved also means safer and more efficient power transmission. To find out more about the advantages of underground power lines, contact ElecComm.

Reputable Dielectric Testing and Inspection Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 14, 2018
ElecComm - Aerial Lift Boston, MA

Incidents and overloads can happen in any aerial device. Although they are engineered with sufficient safety settings, in-service issues can develop from continuous use. These are extremely complex devices and repairs can be challenging and costly. Early detection of system issues which could be developing can mitigate more complicated, time-consuming and costly issues.

Annual Dielectric Testing and Inspections for Aerial Lift Trucks and Digger Derricks are required by OSHA and ANSI to ensure they are operating in optimal condition. These vital inspections are performed in order to detect any issues in insulation. This way repairs can be made as soon as possible to mitigate further complications before they cause injuries or downtime. Dielectric testing confirms the electrical strength or electrical voltage of various apparatus. Many tests are conducted by applying a voltage across the "insulator" portion of the apparatus while measuring the resultant leakage current.

ElecComm offers dielectric testing services of aerial devices ensures they function as intended prior to dispatch. Our team is fully-equipped with over 35 years of experience in this line of expertise and exceeds all OSHA and ANSI requirements. We also cater wheeled cranes up to 150 tons, steam cleaning, telescopic, articulated and combination inspections.

To find out more about our Dielectric Testing and Inspection services, contact ElecComm.

A Better Option for Underground Fiber Optic Systems for Faster Business Operations

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 07, 2018
ElecComm underground fiber optic installation in Plymouth, MA

There are many advantages to undergrounding fiber optic cables for telecom networks. However, sometimes the cost and labor intensity can be prohibitive. The numerous benefits of Microtrenching are gradually gaining ground for designing and building telecommunication networks in Plymouth, MA making it a popular option for business and community installations. Microtrenching involves burying fiber cables or by stacking the conduits atop one another in narrow trenches about ¾ inch wide and 12 inches deep.

Because there is less digging involved, excavation work need not to be extensive. This results in a reduction in logistics, time spent on the project, and cost. In fact, with microtrenching, these factors can be cut by almost half that of traditional underground cable installation. In burying under roads, the trench cut is repaired with a minor patch. For grassy areas, the soil is replaced and can be reseeded immediately. Micro trenching also allows storage of fiber optic cable slack for easy fiber optic splicing work during network expansion, repair, and maintenance.

Microtrenching is applicable in both urban and rural settings. Unlike above ground installations, fiber optic microtrenches are not as susceptible to external forces, enabling smooth communications even in adverse weather conditions. Eleccomm’s team of network technicians and engineers is always prepared for telecommunication network design installations. For more information, contact ElecComm.

ElecComm Offers Quality Golf Course Poles and Netting Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 31, 2018
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

During the warmer days, golf enthusiasts hit the golf range. Due to the increasing number of participants on the golf courses, it's important for golf range owners to be sure the environment is secure by installing golf range netting to protect people and property both inside and outside the premises.

Golf courses have both beginners and experts practicing their swing and driving. Providing a space to practice and compete without restriction increase enjoyment and revenue. State of the art golf driving range netting is necessary to ensure that stray balls won't end up in areas where they shouldn't be. Golf balls should stay within the range so as not to pose a threat to passersby and nearby property.

ElecComm offers durable poles and safety golf netting. Golf driving range netting in Boston, MA is our expertise and we guarantee meticulous and quality installation that will last. For golf course poles and netting services, contact ElecComm.

ElecComm for Quality Construction and Maintenance of New Power Infrastructure

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 24, 2018
ElecComm Power Infrastructure - Boston, MA

As commercial buildings and retail stores begin to sprout up across Massachusetts, the demand for utility infrastructure also surges. New power lines, poles and transfer stations must be built in order to supply power adequately to business establishments.

ElecComm offers energy construction services that includes design, construction, engineering and infrastructure for busineses and commercial consumers. Our crew is fully crossed trained to make sure every phase of the operation is carried out meticulously. You can count on us for quality construction of fiber optic cable splicing, testing, restoration and maintenance.

If your business requires electric transmission line updates, telecommunication and fiber optic networks, ElecComm can assist in your construction project. Contact ustoday, our crew will assist you from development to maintenance of your new utility infrastructure



Underground High Voltage Cable Protection System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 17, 2018
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Providence, RI

Underground cable protection is integral to protect underground high voltage cables in Providence, RI. Utility and electric construction line companies must abide by the power industry standards to ensure the ground cables are well-protected from electric faults and physical damages. Efficient power distribution with less interruption can be achieved when these standard systems are properly applied during installation and maintenance.

Pad-mounted gear assembly is done to case distribution switches, fuses and other switch gears in air-insulated steel. This housing keeps contaminants at bay and makes it easy for manual and remote supervision/control of the entire system. Pad-mounted fused switches, pad-mounted vacuum fault interrupters and pad-mounted breakers and re-closurers are the usual methods enforced to secure it during underground high voltage installation.

When protecting the cables, this depends on the voltage and installation process of your electric company. But commonly warning tapes and markers are used to provide clear visual indication to workers operating near the infrastructure. Protective coverings such as mesh, sheets and hard pipes add impact protection during excavation work nearby. In some installations, concrete is affixed to the conduits for further protection.

To find out more about underground distribution system protection, contact ElecComm.

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