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Golf Driving Range Netting Ensures Safety at Golf Facilities

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 22, 2017
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

Golf continues to be more and more popular. Because this sport requires a large area, golf ranges often end up abutting both residential and commercial areas. The downside to this set up is the safety and protection of people and property. To address this concern, installing a golf range netting is a necessity.

Golfing facilities must install golf driving range netting . Without it, a driving golf ball can cause damage to properties and people nearby. Golf course netting is instrumental in preventing liability.

Golf driving range netting should also be installed even in practice areas. The golf course perimeter must have high quality netting to ensure that golf balls are prevented from entering residential and commercial space. The ElecComm crew ensures that only high quality materials and construction are used for golf netting installation. Every golf range has unique requirements, the golf netting is installed to meets varying requirements. The netting is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, harsh environmental elements, and other stresses.

For more details about golf driving range netting system installation and customization, contact the ElecComm.

High Voltage Underground Cable Networks are Safer from Damage

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nowadays, many businesses prefer underground high voltage cable networks over overhead powerlines. Although overhead cable networks are typically more economical, underground systems provide more advantages compared to overhead counterparts. Many businesses understand that underground networks are less susceptible to damage from weather and disasters. When compared to overhead networks, underground networks are not affected by wind, snow or ice. This means that the cost of installation of underground networks can offset the frequent repair costs for repairs of overhead networks.

Underground high voltage cable installations in Boston, MA ensures that businesses don't experience power outages that are frequently caused by weather. This is beneficial to both residential and commercial sectors the community. We greatly rely on power. Businesses need power to maintain day to day operations. During long outages, there is an undeniable impact on lives and the bottom line. Having a reliable high voltage cable network is an advantage because it is immune from the damage caused by unpredictable weather.

With underground power lines, major utility companies can continue to supply power. Power line systems that are safe and secure so that daily lives will not be affected are efficient and economical. Additionally, telecommunication companies can be protected against communication loss.

To find out more about the benefits and advantages of underground high voltage systems, contact ElecComm.

Uninterrupted Telecommunications Through Fiber Optics

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 08, 2017

In order for a business to be successful there must be reliable and efficient telecommunications. Through telecommunication, businesses are able to have fast and efficient ways to transfer information over a distance through the use of phones and computers. This allows the different departments and locations of companies to communicate with each other and relay important information. This keeps business operations constant and continuous. This is possible through fiber optic telecommunication networks in Boston, MA.

Telecommunication networks are created in various forms. The most common are the traditional electric cabling as well as fiber optic splicing. Between the two, fiber optic is more preferred. Fiber has the ability to accommodate higher bandwidths, longer distances, and is immune to electromagnetic interference. With the effectiveness of optical fibers, many telecommunication companies choose this to transmit telephone signals, internet communication, and cable television signals. It is also more reliable in carrying messages without interruption. Because companies cannot afford problems related to communications, they can rely on fiber optics to provide a powerful and reliable solution to telecommunications.

Many companies are adapting to fiber optic technology. For some businesses that need updating, telecommunication network design installations can provide a good head start for reliable and uninterrupted business communication. The need for businesses to have clear and constant telecommunication can not be stressed enough. As everything moves at a faster and faster pace, it is crucial for companies to have a means of communication that is faster than the speed of light.

To find out more about fiber optic telecommunication network design installations, contact ElecComm.

Golf Driving Range Netting Ensures Safety at Golf Courses

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 01, 2017
ElecComm golf driving range netting in Plymouth, MA

On the golf course if the ball is not kept corralled and can go beyond the parameter of the range, damage or injury can result. Golf continues to be popular with many golf ranges situated near residential neighborhoods and commercial settings. To limit liability, golf courses and ranges must employ golf range netting as a necessity to ensure safety and protection to the surrounding area.

Driving ranges can use golf driving range netting in Plymouth, MA in order to keep balls within the borders of the golfing facility perimeter. The netting must be of high quality with no damage to prevent golf balls from flying into residential neighbors, commercial properties, and roads.

In order for effective safety inside and out of the golf course and golf practice areas, the golf driving range netting must have tight stitching and high quality construction. It needs to be able to withstand the constant bombardment of heavy golf balls, extreme weather conditions, exposure to environmental elements, and other stresses. The netting must be professionally installed and customized to meet the needs, size and dimensions of the specific golf range.

For more details about the options for golf driving range netting system installation and customization, contact the ElecComm.

Underground High Voltage Cables for Safe and Reliable Power and Telecommunication Services - Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Underground high voltage cable networks have been replacing overhead cable networks. This is done for several reasons. One significant purpose is to make these cable networks less exposed to extreme weather conditions such as storms that often result to outages. Aside from that, the replacements are also done for aesthetic purposes.

Through the process called “undergrounding”, replacing overhead power lines with underground cables is done safely and effectively. One of the methods done in undergrounding is underground high voltage cable installation in Wilmington, MA. Although overhead power lines are typically cheaper, they are more prone to damage due to extreme weather conditions. The damages can cause power outages that in extreme cases cannot be restored for many days. Telecommunications will be put in difficult situations which would result in failure in corporate communications. During these long outages, there is a big impact to businesses resulting from delays in production of commodities and services. In effect, consumers are burdened by the lack of supply and are the first to experience the discomfort brought about by power outage.

With that being said, underground power lines are adapted by electric and telecommunication companies nowadays. Underground lines need lesser maintenance and repair because they are better protected against weather and other extreme conditions that can impact overhead lines easily. This greatly reduces the costs in paying for regular checks and frequent repairs in overhead cable networks. In addition, underground lines are more difficult to modify after the cables have been installed. As compared to overhead power lines that are easily tapped, rerouted or modified, underground lines are more secure from the threats of crime and theft in the cyber industry. In the present days, it is no wonder why underground voltage cable networks are phenomenally rising in popularity. They are safer, more reliable and can provide uninterrupted power and telecommunication services that are crucial in day to day living.

To find out more about the benefits and advantages of underground high voltage systems, contact ElecComm.

Quick Response Team and Power Line Restoration Services - Plymouth, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Over the years ElecComm has been providing assistance to major public utilities throughout the Northeast. These services include power restoration during major power outages resulting from storms. Our team at ElecComm is fully trained and always ready to immediately respond to emergency situations.

Since we understand how much damage a storm can do to a given location, our goal is to provide quick response to restore services and maintain daily living and working conditions. These services can be power line storm response wherein we attend to fix power lines or cables that carry electrical power. Our alert team, reliable equipment and support mobile will rapidly help out in carrying out these jobs through safe, high quality performance, even at the most dangerous weather conditions or emergency situations.

At ElecComm, we also do repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Plymouth, MA. Not only at emergency situations but also in everyday installation, removal and maintenance of overhead power lines can we help out a certain region. We also have a workforce that are specially trained to perform these tasks. Some companies that we have worked with include: Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), Western Mass Electric (WMECO), Unitil, New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC), and NSTAR. Since disasters like storms are unavoidable, we want to help out our clients to be prepared on these kinds of unplanned situations. When the unexpected happen, our primary aim is to fix what is damaged and restore it back to its original state, or even better.

To find out more about power line restoration services, contact ElecComm.

Durable and Affordable Golf Driving Range Netting for A Fun and Productive Golf Game - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 11, 2017

Golf is one of the most well-loved activities in sports and recreation during the warm weather. Golf offers a leisurely and unhurried way to relax, exercise, socialize and conduct business. The popularity of golf has led the industry to up it's game in constructing and designing golf courses and golf course driving ranges. A golf driving range is the perfect place for beginner golfers to practice their swing, it must have the facilities that make the practice productive. Through the use of golf driving range netting that is safe and secure, golfers can practice their swing without concern.

As you know, golf range netting is an important aspect in regards to driving range safety for spectators and passersby. A driving range serves as a practice space for golfers or for those who do not have enough time to play a full golf game. Beginners, amateurs, and experienced golfers need a place where they can walk around safely. Owners need a space that frees them from liability.

Installing golf driving range netting in Boston, MA that maintains safety while being aesthetically pleasing for golfers as well as neighboring homes and businesses is imperative. No need to worry about stray balls in residential or commercial neighboring property or the liability involved. Redden Nets polyester driving range netting can be installed as a barrier of the purpose of safety and protection. For installation of new projects, repair of existing poles and netting, or replacement of golf driving range netting systems, contact ElecComm.

Boosting Business Connections and Customer Service with Telecommunication Networks - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 05, 2017

Telecommunication networks in businesses play a crucial role in their success. With telecommunications, companies are able to communicate with customer effectively to provide the highest standard of customer service. They also enable different business locations to communicate directly and effectively. With such a crucial role in business, telecommunications cannot be lacking. This is why, it is equally important to ensure that telecommunication networks are checked in regular periods to guarantee continuous operations.

There are many approaches keep the business telecommunications system working efficiently. Through fiber optic splicing optical fibers are fused end-to-end. Fiber optics consist of fibers with a glass core through which light signals are sent with minimal loss of strength. With fiber optic splicing, the connection becomes more stable and reliable which helps businesses keep their telecommunications operations in excellent condition.

Here at ElecComm, we can provide many services to maintain, improve, or repair telecommunication systems. We offer telecommunication network design installations in Boston, MA that are related to fiber documentation such as Auto Cad system designs, OSP database design, As-Built documentation, and construction reports. We also do network installation life installing fiber plant, fiber distribution panel, network center and fiber hub equipment, and many more. With the importance and role of telecommunication to a business, more and more companies recognize and understand how equally important it is to have the right services to provide expert maintenance and care to their telecommunication lines.

To find out more about telecommunication network design installations, contact ElecComm.

Underground High Voltage Underground Cable Installation- Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 28, 2017

It is a fact that underground cables are less costly to maintain than overhead. This is because, being underground, they are more protectedd from accidents and the elements. Keeping underground high voltage cable networks (UHVC networks) in good condition requires innovative techniques in detecting and repairing faults in UHVC networks. These tools are available and continuously improving through time.

Electric and communication companies opt for underground high voltage distribution systems. For instance, major utility companies, communication service providers, and others find underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA more practical. URD installations, fiber optic and cable installation and splicing, inner duct installation, all grounding, and other services are available to those who would prefer undergrounding.

Underground power lines are more practical, cost-effective, and reliable according to the clients who choose them, such as NSTAR Electric, Western Mass Electric, National Grid, and many others.

To find out more about underground high voltage systems, contact ElecComm.

Fiber Optic Splicing - Which Method to Use? - Wilmington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 21, 2017

Telecommunication network design installations now incorporate an important process known as fiber optic splicing. When done right, it can do wonders to the telecommunication network. But not too many know what fiber optic splicing is really about. Understanding the pros and cons of each splicing method is extremely important when making an educated decision about which to use. Here is some useful information to get you started:

Fiber optic splicing in Wilmington, MA can be of two types – fusion splicing and mechanical splicing. When compared, fusion splicing is fast becoming the preferred option for most people in the business. This can be attributed to the fusion splicer machine which precisely aligns two fiber ends before welding them together using an electric arc ensuring an excellent connection between the fibers. This technique can be performed by either fusing one fiber at a time (single fusing) or fusing 12 fibers in a single operation (mass fusing).

Mechanical fiber optic splicing has many noteworthy benefits too. While it does not permanently join two fibers together, the splice precisely holds them together enabling light to pass from one fiber to the other. Because it does not require one to invest in adding a fusion splicing machine to one’s toolkit, mechanical splicing typically costs less upfront than fusion.

To find out more about the two types of fiber optic splicing in telecommunication networks, contact ElecComm.

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