Safety, Health and Training

ElecComm is committed and focused on safety, health of our employees both at work and at home. All new employees receive 8-hours of both classroom and hands-on regulatory training prior to working on any jobsite. Field employees receive annual regulatory training and any new procedures are reviewed prior to employees using in the field.

In addition to regulatory requirements, Electric underground employees receive a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) and related hands-on classroom instruction under the supervision of a journey-level craft person or trade professional in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation which include:

  • Heat Shrink Construction
  • Cold Shrink Construction
  • Pre-Molded Construction: Both 200amp & 600amp
  • Cable Theory
  • Tools & new Technology
  • Transformer Theory
  • Live Secondary connections and Cutover’s

The apprenticeship program can take up to 4-years to complete which entails written tests, tool proficiency and quality of splice construction under a stringent timeframe. Once completed, the worker's journey-level status provides an additional benefit of nationwide mobility at for any client.

Enclosed Space Training/Underground (UG)-1910.269 (e)

Training program involves; atmospheric testing of confined spaces, emergency rescue, Whether it is engulfment, toxic or flammable atmospheres, or other physical or environmental hazards, employee awareness and protection are the most important aspect of Confined Space operations.

Power Space Training/Overhead (OH)

In this training course our team learns hurt man rescue, climbing gaffs and bucket rescue. They learn about working in the power space, electrical safety and OSHA requirements.

Asbestos Awareness

Our team receives annual Asbestos Awareness training to identify the types, uses and applications, health effects as well as OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101(k)(9)(iv) and EPA regulations.

Lead Awareness

Our team receives annual Lead Awareness Activities which include exposure to lead or lead-based paint (LBP) while performing maintenance or construction work, and lead splicing and related electrical cable repair in accordance with OSHA’s Lead Standard for the Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926.62) and the General Industry Standard for Lead (29 CFR 1910.1025)

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 10 Certification

Our team completed the OSHA 10 course and received certification. This training helps our team prevent occupational accidents and injuries as well as learn about OSHA’s extensive safety regulations.

In this training course our team learns the general safety and health provisions, electrical, fall protection, personal protective and lifesaving equipment, materials handling, storage and use and disposal.

They also learn about hand and power tools, scaffolds, cranes, digger derricks and hoists, elevators and conveyors, excavations and stairways and ladders.

Railroad Training (RWP)- Our team receives as needed:

  • Mass Bay Commuter Rail/KEOLIS
  • CSX Rail
  • Amtrak

Certified Fiber Optic Technician outside Plant Course (CFOT/OSP)

Our team completed the CFOT/OSP training course.

In this training our team learns about OSP Fiber optics cabling, hardware items and applications and learns how to handle and install OSP Fiber optics components efficiently and safely.

They learn the types of OSP Fiber cables and physical characteristics that determine their performance. Stripping jackets, exposing fibers, cleaning and preparing fibers for termination or splicing was covered.

They also study OSP Fiber cable preparation and installation, splicing and troubleshooting and why connectors may be used instead of splices. They had hands-on cable preparation, pulling and termination & splicing.

First Aid / CPR & Blood Bourne Pathogens

Our employees receive first aid/CPR/AED training every 2-years per OSHA 1910.151. In addition all new employees will receive training within 3-months of hire. Blood Bourne pathogen training is received annually as well.

Leadership Training consists of approximately 12 modules/sections with the topics as follows:

  1. HAZCOM- The purpose of this module is to understand that chemicals can have both physical and health hazards, Hazard classifications have sub-categories, Warning statements, phrases, other label elements of chemicals in general.
  2. PPE- The purpose of this module is to enable you to improve the personal protective equipment (PPE) in your facility. You will become more aware of why and where PPE needs to be used and ways to overcome objections to using it.
  3. Human Performance- The purpose of this module is to demonstrate that maintaining good human relationships in the workplace is essential to improving productivity and safety. You will examine team empowerment and leadership issues. You will also identify challenges in your professional and personal life that contribute to stress and ways to reduce stress as well.
  4. Hand & Power Tools/ Machine Safe Guarding- The purpose of this module is to instruct and inform as to the proper methods when using hand tolls and portable power tools. Participants will learn safe work practices and the causes of the most frequent incidents. You will also learn to control or eliminate hazards associated with hand tools by following proper procedures and ElecComm guidelines that are in place.
  5. Promoting Health & Safety- The purpose of this module is to show you that effective job orientation and safety and health training are essential elements in every successful organization. You will be able to describe the characteristics of adult learners and how to develop and select training for this audience. You will also be able to describe different methods of training and the value of documentation.
  6. Safety Observation Tours/SOT’s- This module will define how Safety Observation Tours shall be conducted, by whom, and provide guidance to create value during your tour.
  7. Incident Analysis/Guidelines-The purpose of this module is to inform field leaders of the steps that must be taken when an incident occurs and the 5-W’s to find the Root cause of the incident.
  8. Industrial Hygiene- The purpose of this module is to develop your ability to recognize potential health hazards. You will learn terms and concepts related to industrial hygiene (IH).
  9. Risk Assessments- The purpose is to provide guidelines for identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards; to ensure the potential hazards of new processes and materials are identified before they are introduced into the workplace; to identify the jobs/tasks which require risk assessment.
  10. Safety Management- The purpose of this module is to understand the advantages of a proactive approach to safety, health, and environmental management. You will learn ways to implement change at ElecComm to improve safety and health. You will also learn strategies to help manage change within your organization.
  11. Environmental - The purpose of this module is to acquaint you with key points of major environmental legislation from the U.S. government. You will also learn to access your facility’s environmental policies and take appropriate measures to improve policies and achieve compliance.
  12. Safety Culture- The purpose of this module is to highlight and define Safety Culture and how it plays an important part in tasks completed in and out of work. You will be able to define the elements of a good safety culture and why it is critical for any successful organization.
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