Dielectric Testing and Boom Inspection

Aerial devices have been designed and built with adequate safety factors however in-service accidents, overloads, and fatigue can cause problems to develop. OSHA and ANSI require regular annual inspections. A thorough, regularly scheduled inspection and test program can identify developing problems before they cause injuries or downtime. Early identification of defects is less expensive to repair than if they are left to develop into major failures. Many equipment managers have experienced substantial monetary savings by using written test reports to obtain competitive quotations for repairing, rebuilding, and remounting.

ELECCOMM provides annual test and inspection at your site or at our location in Wilmington, MA by a well-equipped Certified Mechanic with over 35 years of experience in structural and dielectric testing. Properly maintained and tested aerial devices are essential to the safe and economical operation of a fleet. Operators and their co-workers rely on the aerial devices to perform structurally, mechanically, functionally and dielectrically as intended.

Dielectric testing confirms the electrical strength or electrical voltage withstand ability of various apparatus. Many tests are conducted by applying a voltage across the "insulator" portion of the apparatus while measuring the resultant leakage current.

Dielectric Test Equipment can be used to identify failures which may be cause by the following occurrences:

  • Contamination of insulator surfaces
  • Chemical (internal and external) deterioration or rubber insulating material
  • Moisture absorption
  • Incipient faults and internal voids, as a result of ionization caused by partial discharge
  • Improper insulating material with inadequate dielectric constraints or voltage withstand ability

Our Services meet and exceed all OSHA & ANSI requirements:

  • Dielectric Testing & Service of Aerial Lift Trucks & Digger Derricks
  • Wheeled Cranes up to 150 tons
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Telescopic Inspections
  • Articulated Inspections
  • Combination Inspections

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