Underground Electric Projects

ElecComm Jobs Active as of Feb. 2021






2015 and Prior

Awarded Work

National Grid

National Grid Contractor of Choice (COC) Underground Agreement Signed for the North East)

ElecComm was awarded the COC contract for the Northeast US and will have direct assigned work all over New England. There are currently multiple projects occurring at the same time all over the state of Massachusetts.


  • Salem – Beverly 23KV R&R Project
    1. Replacement of 2321 and 2360 –
      • WR 27189817 - Feeder 2321: Replace ~11,000’ 3-1/C 400kcmil CU CMPT 25kV EPR from the Salem 45 to the Beverly 12 Substation. Remove ~5,800 circuit feet of the 2322 from MH 109 on Bridge St to the Beverly 12 substation.
      • WR 28747363 - Feeder 2360: Replace ~11,000’ 3-1/C 400kcmil CU CMPT 25kV EPR from the Salem 45 to the Beverly 12 Substation. Abandon ~6,000’ of the 2360.
    2. Removal of 2320 – WR 29674923
      • Remove ~4,120 circuit feet of the 2320 between MH 109 Bridge St in Salem to MH 862 on Wellman St in Beverly. Abandon ~6,000’ of the direct buried 2320.
    3. Pre-work to make room for 2360 and 2321 - WR# 29675686
      • Replace T-bodies on the 12J4 with H-bodies at MH 227 on Rantoul St.

  • Franklin Square Substation Project

    Replace 3 2000kcmil feeders in substation. Utilize Mobile Sub at Transformers to be used as temporary feed.

    • Remove the two abandoned lead cables from the box structure where the new neutral bus and cables will go.
      We need to strip that structure clean so IHC can start building the new neutral bus & disconnects in early March
    • Pull the two neutral cables that we will splice into the neutral system during the big outage
      • 1 cable from new neutral bus to MH1919 that will become the temp neutral to old T2. We will splice this cable into the cable coming from the Transformer 2 neutral during the outage on 3/24.
      • 1 cable from neutral bus to MH1919, that cable will continue from MH1919 to MH714 outside Manchester St plant. We will splice in MH714 during the outage to tie the new neutral cluster to the existing neutral cable entering Manchester St. This is the new home run neutral into Manchester St.
    • Pull out old Transformer 3 UG cables and neutral cable. These cables need to be removed during this week so civil can begin the demo and replacement of the duct bank from T3 into the 11kV building.
    • Lay out and terminate Mobile cables to support mobile sub install.
      • This step will require a lot of coordination with civil and O&M as the mobile cable structure and T3 riser structure get built and the driveway crossing duct bank is completed.
    • Pull in and terminate new Transformer 3 low side cables. The new duct bank for T3 should be completed sometime the week before, leaving this week to get the new cables pulled, terminated and tested. Keeping in contact with the civil crew will help offer opportunity to get in here sooner if the duct bank work is ahead of schedule. It’s a lot of work for a short time frame and we need to hit the inservice date for the mobile.
    • Mobile sub goes online. This is where the mobile sub cables and permanent low side cables to T3 go in service. This is an important date to meet as this allows the Manchester St generator to go back online at full capacity.
    • Install new neutral cable for Transformer 3 once the low side bus structure is built out. Again, contact with the construction crews will be important to get this last piece of cable installed to support the new T3.

  • Melrose #4 Decommissioning Project
    • Sequence 3: Rebuild and convert 67J2 (WR# 25169648)

      The high level scope of work is to rebuild and convert 67J2 OH to 16W6. Double Circuit Construction along Pleasant St, South of the Pine Banks Substation. Coordinate with the 67J3 OH conversion to 16W6 under WR# 25169653. Replace one primary UG cable between riser pole and pad mount transformer. Re-fuse four pad mount transformers for conversion and add lightning arrestor elbows. Refer to the provided Narrative, Construction Sketches and Job Cards for specific details.

    • Sequence 7: 67J2 & 67J3 UG and new tie to 67J1 (WR#25169655)

      The high level scope of work is to install new 67J2 & 67J3 cables from Pine Banks #67 substation to Main St Melrose. Use the 67J2 & 67J3 to pickup all Melrose #4 UG Load. Install approximately 11,100 ft of new cable, and remove approximately 16,260 ft of old cable. The OH 4KV Load is being picked up and converted by area 13kV Feeders (16W6, 25W4 & 25W5) in other WR's. Refer to the provided Narrative, Construction Sketches and Job Cards for specific details.

    • Sequence 8: 4C5 & 4J7 UG Get-Away Removals (WR#27448514)

      The high level scope of work is to remove the 4C5 & 4J7 UG getaway cables, approximately 750ft. These two feeders do not connect to the larger UG system, or feed any UG load. OH load being picked up by the 25W5 in other WR's. Refer to the provided Narrative, Construction Sketches and Job Cards for specific details.

  • Lynn 21 Substation Get-A-Way Project/span>

    The Lynn #21 Substation located in Lynn, MA is fed from the A-179 and Q-169 115kV transmission lines that supply three different yards (23kV, 13kV, 4kV). The original 13kV and 4kV substations are older indoor stations dating back from the 1890’s and the duct banks coming out of Lynn #21 are highly congested. Substation Asset condition reports in 2003, 2005, and 2016 have concluded the need to replace the 4kV facility by installing a new 4kV metal clad switchgear power center at the Lynn #21 Substation and having the old 13 kV and 4 kV buildings will be demolished.

    The existing 4 kV underground duct work will need to be routed from where they terminate near the old building to the new switchgear.

  • Methuen 74L4 Project

    Replace approximately 2600 circuit feet of 3-1000kcmil AL 15kV XLPE cable with 3-1000kcmil AL 15kV EPR cable from E. Methuen Sub to riser pole 3505 on Prospect St.

    • Install 2600’ of 3-1000kcmil SAL EPR 15kV cable
    • Install 21 Cold Shrink Straight Splices
    • Remove 2600’ of 3-750 XLPE cable in 6 MH’s
    • Replace pole 3505 riser

  • Hendersonville Sub Reconductor Project (ElecComm to perform all UG work)

    The Encore Casino currently under construction in the Hendersonville area of Everett, MA will bring 11.4MW of load to the area. Due to the complexities in the area and significant projected load growth, solutions from the long-term area study will not meet the customer’s required in-service date.

    A new substation will be built to accommodate the load growth in the Hendersonville area of Everett, MA. The new substation will be built on a parcel adjacent to the casino property and an existing National Grid Right-of-Way. The new substation will be 115-13.8kV and will have 6 feeders with provisions for 2 additional feeders to be built in the future.


  • ERR 2304 Reconductor Project

    2304 Line in the North Shore has been identified as a poor performing feeder/supply line and is recommended to be replaced. Original 2304 feeder’s underground conductor length is approximately 5.5 miles of existing underground cables, a mix of 250kcmil CU PILC and XLPE. Scope is to reconductor all conductors to 3-1/C 25kV 4/0 CU EPR cable. Install approximately 6.1 Circuit miles of new cable and remove approximately 5.5 Circuit Miles.

  • Electric Boat Alternative Project

    This project will provide for the relocation of facilities within the Quonset Industrial Park to be relocated from Overhead to Underground in the areas designated for the Electric Boat Transporter route and any area affected by this work. This will require 15kv and 35kv feeder reconfigurations and the removal, relocation, and addition of Overhead equipment (Poles and Wire) and Underground equipment along Airport St., Eccleston Ave., Dillabur Ave., Conway Ave., Roger Williams Way., John Thomas St., Casey Ave., Cripe St., and McNaught St. In addition, make modifications to the applicable existing WRs and all associated documentation for the Quonset Sub Expansion Project as affected by the EB Alternative 9-3c project.

  • Old Boston Road Substation – New Feeder Get-A-Ways

    The tertiary windings on the Tewksbury #22 substation T2 and T4 transformers are expected to be overloaded on contingency in 2021. The transformers supply the 13.8kV bus which supplies sub-transmission circuits. The 13.8kV sub-transmission circuits 314 and 317 at Tewksbury #22 supply the Tewksbury #14 substation. The 314 is overloaded on contingency, and the 317 circuit is expected to be overloaded on contingency in 2020.

  • 314W1 Cable Replacement Project

    To improve system reliability and reduce the number of outages engineering is recommending replacing Existing cable along with T-body splices. Install approximately 4,987ft of 3-1/C 1000Al EPR cable, install approximately 968ft of 3-1/C 500AL EPR cable, remove approximately 3,417ft of 3-1/C 1000AL XLPE cable, remove approximately 968ft of 3-1/C 500AL XLPE cable, install 27 straight splices & Install 12 H splices.

  • Revere 35 Substation Re-Conductor Get-A-Ways

    This work request is for the replacement of the underground cable get-a-ways for the Revere #35 substation. This work calls for the replacement of approximatelu 2,100 circuit feet of underground mainline with 500kcmil compact CU 15KV EPR cable for the 35J1, 35J2, 35J3 and 35J4 circuits.

  • READ ST #9 Station Project

    Install approximately 4,700’ of 2000 EPR 25kV cables from structure to structure at Read St. Substation in order to reduce fault current capacity at the Sub. Install & mount 24 HVT-255 terminators. Install two separate ground continuity conductors for the circuit from the terminations to the substation ground on separate 2-inch PVC conduits. The ground continuity conductors shall be insulated copper conductor for a minimum of 2kV standing voltage and shall be sized to carry 100% of the short circuit fault current, with a minimum conductor cross-section of 250 kcmil. Special Tooling: Applying connectors & terminal lugs to this size cable requires a 40 ton / 60 ton Hydraulic press.

  • Haverhill 48L2 Conversion Project

    Extend 48L2 OH and Convert part of 32J9 Remove 32J3 & 32J9 UG Feeds. Extend 48L2 UG to Pole 1 on Lewis St to create new 48L2 / 48L3 open tie. Installing approx. 700’ of 1000 kcmil cable through existing manholes. Removing approx. 400’ of 350 kcmil existing cable. Installing new transformer to support new load.

  • Wood Estates URD
  • This URD has received 3 URD cable related outages in three years and meets the criteria for the URD/UCD Cable Program. This project would replace cables that have caused two of the three cable failure outages in the last three years, and five of the seven outages in the last five years. Installing 8,000’ of single-phase primary and replacing 13 submersible transformers with mini-pads.

  • Uxbridge CB Replacement Project (321W9, 321W3, 321W5, 321W6 & 321W10)

    This project takes place in Uxbridge, MA and the scope of the work is re-conducting 5 new 1000 EPR CU 15kV cables out of the Uxbridge #321 Sub Station. The cable is feed from the station breakers through 6 common MH’s to 5 risers.

  • Everett CB Replacement Project (37J1 & 37J2)

    Replace ~6,000 ft. of the existing 37J1 cable from Everett 37 Substation breaker to MH 285 Main St. with 3-1/C, 500kcmil Cu, 5kV, EPR cable. Use spare ducts where available, pull in pull out when necessary. Replace ~5,400 ft. of the existing 37J2 cable from Everett 37 Substation breaker to MH 283 Main St. with 3-1/C, 500kcmil Cu, 5kV, EPR cable. Use spare ducts where available, pull in pull out when necessary. Extend the 37J2 feeder from MH 283 Main St to Carter St. and Hawthorne St to pick up taps. Use standard cold shrink splices in manholes. Locations where space is limited for splicing, resort to using heat shrinks. Remove ~1,300 ft. of the 37J2 between MH 43 and MH 39 Main St.

  • Granite 12 Project (12J902, 12J903 & 12J904)

    This project takes place in Lynn, MA and the scope of the work is removing replacing Get-A-Ways from the Granite 12 Substation. The 12J902 project was to install 2,400’ 500 15kV EPR CU compact cables and splice/terminate using cold and heat shrink splices. The 12J903 project was to install 1,600’ 500 15kV EPR CU compact cables and splice/terminate using cold and heat shrink splices. The 12J904 project was to install 160’ 500 15kV EPR CU compact cables and splice/terminate using cold and heat shrink splices.

  • Market Basket Mainline UCD (Liberty Utilities)

    Install and acceptance test approximately 3200 FT of 1000 MCM CU EPR 15 KV jacketed primary cable and 4/0 neutral. All splices to be straight shear bolt splices. Install Modular T Dead-break (with reducing tap well) elbow terminations at each switchgear location. Build one (1) fully dressed switchgear manhole including but not limited to installation of frames, cable supports, bonding and grounding, and cathodic protection.

  • Meadowbrook Get-A- Ways and Feeders Project (5J1, 5J2, 5J3, 5J4, 5J5, 13J2 & 13J6)

    This project takes place in Lowell, MA and the scope of the work is removing Get-A- Ways from the Blossom Sub Station on the 5J1, 5J2, 5J3, 5J4 & 5J5 lines and several manholes to risers throughout the city on the 13J2 and 13J6 lines.

  • Lupine Road Reconductor 2374 Distribution Supply Line (3J40, 3J42, 3J43 & 3J44)

    The objective of this project is the reconductoring of the 2374 line, the 3.74 kV distribution feeders #3J40, #3J42, #3J43 and 3J44 get-a- ways at the Andover #3 substation will be reconfigured and a portion of these feeders will also be reconductored.

  • West Meadow Hills URD Cable Replacement Project (74L5)

    This work takes place in the West Meadow Hills residential development in Haverhill, MA. The scope of this project begins with installing 21,000’ of #2 AL 15kV EPR cable in conduit throughout West Meadow Rd, Perkins Ct, Clement Ct, and Danforth Ct. Upon completion the existing direct buried cable will be retired.

  • Providence, RI UG Secondary Replacement Project (12 separate Work Packages)

    National Grids Cable Replacement Program documented a program to proactively replace secondary underground cable covering the entire Providence, RI territory. The goal is to replace all lead secondary or secondary deemed to be in poor condition with new 500Cu XLPE cable. All secondary cable that is no longer in use will be removed.

  • Springfield Street Light Repairs and Installations Project (Eversource)

    Contractor is responsible for troubleshooting streetlights (fault locating damaged wire or conduit), replacing wire & fuses, switching out streetlight heads, installing new wooden utility poles, installing aluminum streetlight poles and decorative light poles.

  • Centerra Park (liberty Utilities) – F16L2

    The contractor is responsible for; Cut into and extend the existing 500 AL underground distribution feeder within Centerra Park. The 500 AL will be extended to two (2) newly installed switchgear cabinets (MH 15-3 and MH 15-2). The 500 AL will need to be terminated within these cabinets. From switchgear MH 15-3 and MH 15-2, #2 ASCR will be installed to two (2) 1500 KVA padmount transformers located at #44 Centerra Park.

  • Amesbury Cable Replacement Project - F2377

    The Middle Rd. 2377N, X and Y, 23kV cables fed out of the West Amesbury Substation have been identified for cable replacement. The underground portion is fed presently by direct buried 3-1/c #1000 AL XLP 25kV cables. It was installed in 1978. These cables were tested in July 2014 and it was determined that both cables must be replaced. The new cables will consist of two circuits of 3-1/c #1000 AL 35kV solid dielectric cables w/ P.E. Jacket installed in a new MH and duct line system.

  • UMCR Revere 7W3 Cable Replacement Project - F7W3

    It has been determined that the 7W3 UG cable from Reservoir Ave to the Revere 7 Substation needs to be replaced. The work associated with this job is to remove all underground 7W3 cable and replace with 500kcmil Compact Copper cable. The Aerial cable (~1,800’) on Vinal St will remain installed.

  • UMCR Everett Cable Replacement Project - F2334 & F2336

    The 2334 and 2336 circuits out of Thorndike #10 have been identified in the Massachusetts cable replacement program as meeting the criteria for replacement. For F2334 the contractor is to Replace approximately 1,500 circuit feet of 4/0 23kV paper and lead UG cable with 3-1/C - 4/0 Cu 23kV EPR from Thorndike Sub to NGrid switchgear on Beacham St and to pole 2845-1 on Courtland St. For F2336 the contractor is to Replace approximately 1,500 circuit feet of 4/0 23kV paper and lead UG cable with 3-1/C - 4/0 Cu 23kV EPR from Thorndike Sub to NGrid switchgear on Beacham St.

  • Brady Loop URD Cable Replacement – F62L2

    The cable in the URD is 1970 vintage XLP direct-buried cable. In the last three years, there have been 3 outages due to cable failures and numerous customer complaints. As part of the cable replacement program, this project will replace approximately 1,300 feet of 1/C-#2 AL, 15kV, direct buried URD cable. See civil drawing set and one-line for details.

  • Phillips Circle URD Cable Replacement – F57L1

    This project is to replace ~1,700’ of primary cable and to raise all of the subsurface transformers in the development

  • Indian Rock URD Cable Replacement – F19W2

    This URD has experienced six outages in the last three years. The existing URD is three phase direct buried and will be replaced with a single phase URD in conduit per current standard. Five sub-surface transformers to be replaced with pad mount transformers. Planning is currently evaluating what phase to place the load on and possibility of a loop scheme. Install approximately 6,350 circuit feet of 1-1/C #2 AL 15kV EPR URD cable supplying load from riser poles P.237 & P.235 on Walnut Street. Install approximately 1,940 length feet of 350MCM triplex secondary cable to replace all secondary feeds to existing handholes. Abandon in place existing DB secondary conductor.

  • Algonquin Ave URD Cable Replacement – F59L1 & 50L1

    This project provides for the replacement of direct buried primary URD cable supplying the Algonquin development per the accompanying scope diagram Titled: Algonquin URD Phase 2 URD Cable Replacement Scope. Project scope is to Install approx. 3,400 feet of 1-1/C #2 AL 15kV EPR URD cable and 3,600’ of 3-1/C #2 AL 15kV EPR URD cable supplying load from P.6987 Lovejoy Rd and P.6708 Dascomb Rd.

  • Winthrop 22 Substation - F22J1, F22J2, F22J3, F22J4, F22J5, F22J6 & F22J7

    As part of the Massachusetts cable replacement program National Grid is replacing all the feeders coming out of substation # 22. The project will be replacing 20,000 feet of underground mainline with 500 kcmil compact 15KV EPR cable, involving all 7 feeders from substation #22. Splicing will consist of approximately 30 manholes, associated riser poles and station breakers at # 22. All manholes will be brushed and mandrel prior to cable installation to proof ducts. Cut overs take place to abandon the old feeders and put the new feeders in service.

  • Andover 3 Substation - F2374

    The reconductor project for Andover 2374 out of substation # 3 on Railroad Street was to replace the old 4/0 CU cable in the OH and 350KCMIL in the UG portion of feeders 3J40, 3J42, 3J43 and 3J44. The underground portion consisted of 4 new riser getaways from newly set riser poles out to manhole 681 in substation yard. The newly installed 500KCMIL EPR will replace the old 350KCMIL paper and lead cables coming out of sub. New cables will be spliced per national grid standards in manholes and on riser poles.

  • Feeder 21J22 (Lynn, MA)

    Replace approximately 500' of existing cable with 3-4/0 SCU EPR 15kV from MH 35 Broad Street (located at the intersection of Broad Street and Union Street) to MH 5-21 Union Street (located at the intersection of Union Street and Washington Street)

  • Feeder 21J23 (Lynn, MA)

    Replace approximately 1750' of existing cable with 3-4/0 SCU EPR 15kV from MH 13-21 Union Street (located at the intersection of Union Street and Silsbee Street) to MH 26-21 Union Street (located at the intersection of Union Street and Shorey St)

  • Hilldreth Hills URD (Westford)

    Hilldreth Hills is a complete URD rebuild to install all new #2 15KV cable to eliminate the old direct buried cable. ElecComm crews installed 9600 feet of single phase #2 and 5600 feet of 3 phase #2 into all new PVC conduit system. The project included replacing 6 padmount transformers and 5 switching junction boxes and racking new riser poles. The URD was cut over to the new cable with scheduled outages and switching with National Grid.

  • Goddard Memorial Drive (Worcester)

    The Webster Street 6W2 feeder built in the 1970’s is all direct buried cable that faults and causes outages that involve the Worcester airport. ElecComm rebuilt the main line feeder with 12,100 feet of 3 phase 1000 AL EPR cable in approx. 26 manholes on Goddard Memorial Drive. Crews replaced and cut over 5 PME-9 switch gears to new cable and dressed new riser pole and splice new terminators. All 26 manholes had to be built prior to pulling cable with racks, arms and ground ring bus to support new system being installed.

  • Royal Crest Estates URD (No. Andover)

    Royal Crest is a partial URD rebuild in North Andover where multiple outages have accrued on the old direct buried cables. ElecComm replaced 6500 feet of #2 AL XLPE with new 3-1/C #2 SAL EPR cable through several transformers and pull boxes installed by civil contractor. Crews replaced 7 three phase padmounted transformers and cut over to new cable with scheduled outages to area residents. Crews performed over 30 URD splices to include in-lines, elbows and terminators.

  • Wynn Casino Project (Everett)

    Install 17000 feet of 500kcmil cable in Everett to re-conductor feeders and replace getaways to supply new feed for Wynn Casino. Perform cable ID and testing to cut and remove old 4K circuits and open up new duct space for new feeders. Also, performed many cut overs to new feeders and performed voltage conversions.

    • Circuits: 10C2 Re-conductor-WR#-20534910-13.8kV 500 compact cu EPR
    • Circuits: 10J4,10C1 & 10P3 Removals-WR#20534910-13kV
    • Circuits: 10C1/10J5 Load Swaps, Replace Getaways-WR#20535015
    • Circuits: 37W9 UG-Extend OH/install UG feed to Casino-WR#20535043-13kV
    • Circuits: 13kV rear access road service feeds-WR#20535151-13k

  • Meadowbrook Getaways (Chelmsford/Lowell)

    Install 2000 feet of 3-1/C 500 MCM CU EPR cable from Pole #54 Billerica Rd. through MH’s 485/484/483/482 and from MH 482 to Pole 7-2 Monmouth.

    Install 3000 feet of 3-1/C 1000 MCM CU EPR cable from: 1) Pole #76 Chelmsford St. to Pole 10 near canal ROW. 2) From pole 79 near canal ROW install cable to pole 19 near Industrial Ave off-ramp.

    • Installed new racks / arms and bus ring for each MH
    • Installed anodes in manholes
    • Spliced cables using Raychem Cold Shrinks kits
    • Bond, fireproof and fire tape/foam cables and ducts
    • Installed terminations on poles and station cubicles per National Grid standards

  • Crystal Lake Sub (Gardner)

    Install 14000 feet 1000kcmil cable for new feeder getaways from Crystal Lake Sub to existing riser poles and build out all new manholes per National Grid standards. Test ID, cut and remove exiting cables between Park Street substation and riser poles.

    • Circuits: 607W1-13.8kV
    • Circuits: 607W2-13.8kV
    • Circuits: 607W3-13.8kV
    • Circuits: 607W4-13.8kV

  • Cape Ann 2325 Cable Replacement UG Project

    This Project is to Install approximately 15 miles of 3-1000kcmil CU EPR 35kV cable. The cable will be predominantly installed in an existing manhole and duct system. The cable replacement will be done in a phase approach in order to meet the schedule of the MBTA. Phase I will be the West Gloucester #28 to Gloucester #24 section (March 2016). Phase II will be the East Beverly #51 to West Gloucester #28 section currently in progress.

  • Annisquam River Cable Removal (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • Lynn Re-Conductor 21J30

    The Lynn project was approximately 4000 feet of 3-4/0 EPR 15kv cable on Union St to Broad Way. This project consisted of 26 older manholes which created some very difficult working conditions for the workers. Each manhole was spliced and grounded per National Grid standards. The high voltage cables got racked, arc proofed and tagged with circuit ID’s.

  • Winter Hill URD North Andover

    This project was to replace the direct buried cable with-in the URD development. We installed over 6000 feet of #2 cable from pad to pad to create a loop feed from two riser poles. 3- 50kva pad mounted transformers were replaced and cut over during a couple hour outage to customers. Splicing of this development consisted of 2 terminators at the riser pole, 18 200 amp elbows, 10 sets of straight splices in new hand holes. After construction completed the development was completely cut over from the old feeder cable to the new with UG switching which involved installing elbows and creating an open point with-in the loop scheme.

  • Division Street Great Barrington, MA Feeder
    • Install 800 feet of 1000 EPR cable from new pole to substation
    • Splice 6 terminators and 3 straight 1000 EPR joints
    • Test and ID cable, remove old feeder from substation to riser pole

  • Prince Ave Lowell 3L1 project
    • Upgrade 3L1 Feeder to new customer property
    • Install UG primary 3-1/C 1000 EPR SCU from pole 34 to pole 2 for 267 feet
    • Install new pad mounted recloser switch on new customer manhole
    • Install new primary metering cabinet on new customer manhole
    • Splice 12 -600 amp deadbreak elbows, 3 terms at riser pole and ground all equipment.
    • Fireproof all cables, ducts and label per National grid standards

  • Paxton/Solterra - Install new 55K1 UG getaway behind Treasure Valley Station, Paxton

    Installed approximately 100 feet of 2-5” concrete-encased conduits with 3C-500kcmil CU 23kV EPR UG cable between the new 55K1 circuit recloser and a new riser pole to be located approximately 50 feet outside of the station fence

    Installed new UG line extension from ROW to Paxton/Spencer town line

    Installed approximately 1500 feet of 3-1/C 500Kcmil CU 25KV EPR from P.75 in the Transmission ROW to P.151-50 along North Spencer Rd .The UG cable will be installed in a 5" conduit with one spare. The span will be broken up with four 2-way manholes. National Grid Civil to install four 2-way manholes and approximately 1500' of 2-5" concrete encased conduit.

Other Projects Ongoing or Completed in 2016

  • Norwood Muni Reconductor Feeder Project

    Circuits: 495/29-30 15kV and the 495/10-11 15kV. Installed 9 sections of 500 EPR cable and 4/0 neutral in existing manholes along Lenox and Willow street. Splice cables using Raychem Heat shrink splice kits-HVS-1523-W-TCC18CR and build manholes to Norwood Light standards. Perform circuit cutovers in 5 manholes to pick up on old feeder cables to create new feeders out of substation. Splice kits HVS-T-1583 OTCC218 used for paper and lead transition joints.

  • Liberty Utilities Mount Support Getaways

    Install approximately 2,000 feet of 3-1/C 1000Kcmil CU 13KV EPR cable though several manholes and build to Liberty standards.

    • Circuits: 16L3/16L5 Getaway from Mt Support Sub
    • Cable Size: 1000kcml CU 13KV
    • 2 Structures in Substation
    • 36-3M Cold Shrink splices
    • 12-3M Cold Shrink Terms
    • Voltage is 13KV
  • Eversource Electric (Connecticut)

    Eleccomm has many ongoing projects for Eversource in Connecticut. Currently we are working on reconductoring projects to replace old feeders and getaways in the underground system from the substations out to field. Also, working on network systems replacing secondary conductors and cutting over to new transformers and bus bars in the manholes. ECC is performing all the high voltage splicing such as elbows, termination and straight splices on all cable sizes.

  • Eversource Electric, Pleasant Street Roundabout Reconfigure Project (Amherst, Mass.)
    • Install approximately 2,300ft. 4/0 15kV EPR 3/C cables with associated, cold shrink splices, terminations, and pre-molded elbows with Fault indicators where specified.
    • Install approximately 750ft. of 750 15kV EPR 3/C cables with associated, cold shrink splices, terminations, and pre-molded elbows. Install 3 HVS 3583 heat shrink transitions.
    • Install and build all pad-mounted and module equipment using bushing as specified.
    • Install Bonding frame and 4/0 grounding wire in all manholes
    • Furnish and install all stanchions and racks as needed in new or existing manholes.
    • Rack and tag (label) all new cables pulled in all manholes per Eversource direction


  • Lincoln Village URD Project
    • This project focuses on replacing direct – buried #2 Al cable with new cable inside a 4” and 5” conduit
    • 4,000 feet 1000 SAL EPR 3-1/C
    • 2750 feet #2 SAL EPR 3-1/C
    • Replaced 20 Pad Mount Transformers
    • PME-9 Switchgear (3)
    • Pole Sets & Riser (2)
    • Remote Supervisory PME-9 Switchgear
    • Installed #2 A 3-1/C 8,000’
  • 59L2 59L4 Cable Replacement Raytheon, Tewksbury MA
    • Installed 49,197 ft. 15kv 1000 Kcmil Aluminum Cable, 15kv 500 Kcmil Copper Cable, 15kv #2 Copper cable, 600 Volt Aluminum
    • 3 PME-9 Switchgear
    • Pad Mount Transformer
  • Lynn UG 13kV Cable Removal Project – Doc400201558
    • Identify, Cut, and Removed 5 circuits from Lynn to Swampscott, Ma
    • Total of 33,240' of copper cable, various sizes and insulation types
  • Malden Reconductoring Project 2313-2314W UG – Doc 348200377
    • Reconductor 2313 from Malden 5 to W.Medford 17 with 19,512' of 3-4/0CU EPR 23kv cable, and Reconductor 2314W from Wellington 11 to W.Medford 17 with 8,088' of 3-4/0CU EPR 23kv cable.
    • Removed old 2313 & 2314 cable, various cable types and sizes 27,600'
    • In addition, the removal of the control cables 9S1 from W.Medford 17 to Medford 9 and the 5S8 and 5S1 from Malden 5 to Medford 9 totaling 35,688'.


  • RFP013-12 Cape Ann 2324 Cable Installation – Doc49952156
    • Install approximately 15 miles of 3-1000kcmil CU EPR 35KV rated insulated cable. The cable will be predominantly installed in an existing manhole and duct system. At the East Beverly substation two lines (51T1 and 51TL3) presently in the existing duct bank were relocated into the new duct bank in order to obtain necessary capacity 2324 line. A new getaway duct bank was also installed at the Manchester #23 substation for the 2324 line to enter and exit the substation.
  • RFP026-12 Summer St. Manchester UG
    • Rebuild the 3 phase, 2400V delta feeders along Summer St, Manchester by the Sea, by replacing the various sized cables of the 23H2, 23H3 and 28L2 with 4/0 5KV EPR cables, and by installing three padmounted switchgear locations, with fuses, to improve reliability and restoration times of the feeders.

Subcontractor to Asplundh/MJ Electric

As a subcontractor to Asplundh

  • Lake Quinsigamond WR#10002598
  • WR#14589540, WR#14589724 Northborough, MA Simarano Dr, Ckt#317W1, 317W5
  • WR#10574989 Little Rest Rd, Warren MA

As a subcontractor to MJ Electric

  • Crane Neck/Surrey Ln WR#13340454, WR#13340321
  • Revere, MA Ckt# 7J1

Prior to 2012

  • Contract B333-02 Tainer Street Reconductoring
    • 9 splices single/multiples
    • 6 sections cable installation
    • 17 cable removal
    • Cutovers coordinated through NGrid and performed
  • Contract B33-02 – HT39 & HT46
    • 21 splices single/multiples
    • 6 terminations
    • 9 cable installation
    • Cutovers coordinated through NGrid and performed
  • Contract B33-02 – 21J21 Lynn, MA
    • Cable installation
    • 24 set splices and terminations
    • 29 sections 500EPR installed
    • 5 sections of 4/0 ELPE
    • 4 sections of #2
  • Contract B32-02 – 21J22 & 29W1/29W3
    • 57 splices single/straights
    • 51 on 21J22 & 5 on 29W1/29W3
    • 15 terminations
    • 3 pole top terms & 3 terms @Lynn #21-21J22
    • 3 premolded Wye joints 21J22
    • 3 Modular T splices & 3 terms 29W1/29W3
    • 21 sections cable installation
    • 18 sections on 21J22 & 3 sections on 29W1/29W3
    • 19 cable removal
    • 18 sections on 21J22 & 1 section on 29W1/29W3
  • Contract B33-02 – Faraday Street Sub-station
    • 36 sets splices
    • 1 set of station terminations
    • 18 sections of 500EPR installed
    • 4 sections of 500 compressed cable
    • 17 sections of 350 XLPE
    • 5 sections of 4/0 ELPE
    • 3 sections of 4/0 NEUT
    • Remove 54 sections of various size cables

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