Golf Course Poles and Netting

Here is a partial list of driving ranges and clubs we work with:

  • Andover CC
  • Billerica CC
  • Kernwood CC
  • Mendon Drive
  • Rockport CC
  • Bass Rocks Golf Club
  • Cyprian Keyes Golf Club
  • Dudley Golf Range
  • Gardner Mini Golf Course
  • Ferncroft CC
  • Indian Ridge CC
  • Ipswitch CC
  • Mount Hood Golf Course
  • Weston Golf Club
  • Woodland Golf Club

We provide installation of poles and netting for golf driving ranges and golf courses along with replacement netting and free estimates. All netting is done with Redden Nets.

1.1 Netting components

· Redden Nets polyester netting; 1” mesh size
· Long stitch knotless join
· Resin dye and bonding treatment
· 168.4 lb. Average single mesh break strength

1.2 Attachment Twine/Hanging Twine

· #48 Braided polyester twine
· 375 lb. Tensile strength
· Dye treated

1.3 Perimeter Border Rope and Rib line/Verticals

· Braided synthetic cover
· Parallel synthetic core
· 3,500 lb Tensile Strength

1.4 Construction

Golf Course Poles and Netting · Wooden utility grade poles (all heights)
· Utility grade, galvanized strand hardware used for framing poles
· Each pole will have vertical rib top to bottom
· Each section will have a minimum of 2 horizontal ribs, top/bottom
· Depending on the height of the net, additional horizontal ribs shall be added

Finished net panels shall be suspended to cables by the rope component via a 9/32” or 1.4”: cadmium plated steel carabiner attachment snap, minimum 1,140 lb or 560 lb breaking strength. The interior of the snap shall encompass only the rope and cable components when suspension is completed. The interval between snap to cable attachment points shall not exceed 3 feet on center (snap size may vary to fit cable sizes specified.)

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