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UG Lineworker Class 3

Organization: Electric Operations

Reports to: Supervisor

1. Role and Scope of Position:

  • Responsible for the inspecting, installing, connecting and disconnecting of cable. conductors and other plant equipment.
  • Works under general supervision.
  • Works under directive supervision when installing cable or equipment.

2. Essential Functions:

  • Performs functions associated with cable and conduit installation.
  • Operates trucks and equipments of any size in conjunction with inspecting, installing, connecting, disconnecting of conductors, and other plant and equipment.
  • Can assist or be assisted by personnel of a higher, equal, or lowering rating for all tasks within the line of progression.

3. Accountability/Impact of Position:

  • Accountable for all personal and crew/team performance consistent with company standards.
  • Responsible for the safe conduct of all employees within work team/crew.
  • Responsible for displaying a positive company image with respect to customers and community.
  • Responsible for providing accurate and timely information with respect to customer service.
  • Responsible for maintaining a positive work environment by behaving and communicating in a professional manner that fosters good relationships with employees, customers, clients, and supervisors.

4.Technical Knowledge/SkilliEducation/Licenses/Certifications: (What do incumbents need to know to competently perform the role?)

Technical Knowledge/Skill: Must have full knowledge of The fundamentals of electricity; the layout, functions and construction of the underground electric system; the theory and practices of splicing. the standards and specifications for installation, removal and repair of the underground electric system; the practices. principles of operations and the proper applications of equipment as prescribed by the Company for safety and first aid.

Education: High School Education or equivalent


  • Must be qualified by experience on lower grade assignments in cable and conduit and splicing work.
  • Must have demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for splicing, cable, and conduit work and ability in underground electric systems.

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Massachusetts License to Operate Motor Vehicles, and must pass D. 0. T. physical
  • Must obtain a Class A License before progressing.

5. Working Conditions:

  • Ability and willingness to perform moderately heavy physical work indoors and outdoors in all season and at times for extended periods.
  • Required to work various rotating shifts (any live days)

6. Mental Aspects:

  • Must be analytical, alert, and careful and have mechanical aptitude.

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