A Network of Underground Power Lines can Offer Additional Advantages - Providence, RI

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As the demand for electric power grows in Providence, RI, distributors have seen a need to develop underground power lines which are faster and more efficient than overhead lines. While overhead power lines have been the preferred choice in years past, mainly because of the affordable cost, underground power lines offer a more favorable alternative in terms of performance and environmental acceptance.

Installing a network of underground power lines is advantageous for new construction or for specific applications, particularly in challenging urban settings or sensitive environments. They are configured in such a way that keeps underground high voltage cable networks away from environmental stressors which can negatively affect their performance. For this reason, many overhead power lines are being gradually replaced with underground lines.

Both distributors and end-users benefit from underground high voltage cable installation in Providence, RI. Because they are underground, they are invisible and protected. This helps reduce the risk of network failure brought forth by strong winds and heavy snowfall which improves transmission reliability. Underground networks of high voltage cables are also strategically engineered for faster installation, are less prone to weather-related damage, and can achieve minimized energy loss during transmission.

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