A "Thanksgiving Thank-You Note" For ElecComm

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After SuperStorm Sandy, ElecComm, an electric line construction company, was contacted by utility companies around New England and New York to help restore power. The following is a note we received from Unitil.

"I'd like to extend my appreciatino and thanks to ElecComm Corporation for playing an integral role in making possible our efficient, safe, speedy response to The SuperStorm Sandy. We were able to address the outages affecting over 69,000 customers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in under 48 hours. this was an outstanding feat for a weather event of this magnitude.

Thanks to our collaboration with you and the other electrical contractors, Unitil set the pace for restroation in our region. On behalf of our grateful customers, we thank you for your hard work alongside our crews in response to this unprecedented event."

Again, Thank You,

Robert G. Schoenberger