Advantages of Underground High Voltage Cable System

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ElecComm underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA

Many companies and commercial infrastructure are using underground high voltage cable systems because of the many advantages it offers in communication and data transfers. Here are few advantages of underground power systems:

Compared to overhead power lines that are prone to environmental hazards, underground cables are much safer because they are buried making the risk for danger minimal. It also presents a better view in urban, historic or in environmentally protected areas since the cables are situated below ground and are not visible. Moreover, underground high voltage cables in Boston, MA requires less maintenance since faulty lines are less likely to occur because of the layers of insulation and mechanical protection that are applied. Voltage drop and power surges are reduced in underground power lines due to the protective properties that are designed to lessen these common electrical issues.

If you are planning to upgrade your electric and communication distribution system, you might want to consider an underground high voltage cable setup. Contact ElecComm for removal of your traditional overhead cables and for information on installation of your new underground distribution structure.