Regardless of how it happens, it does happen. Transformers blow, power goes out and transformers need to be replaced, and often lines an poles do to.

Did you hear about these events?

“Electrical line hit and a transformer blows at Mt. Lebanon High School when an excavator hit a utility line, causing a transformer to blow.”

“Power at the Alpaugh Elementary School went out after a construction accident knocked an electrical line off a utility pole causing a major grid failure and power went out in the entire area.”
ElecComm can replace and  install transformers. In the instance where you have a blown transformer, ElecComm will mount the new transformer, connect the primary and secondary conductors and maintain the same loading/phasing arrangement that existed before.

ElecComm will coordinate the grounding of the transformer as well as testing the wiring and connections for continuity and grounds.
If you need a transformer replaced or installed, please contact ElecComm.