ElecComm Fleets for Quick Power Restoration Efforts

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ElecComm power restoration assets

The winter snow is beautiful. Families love it for good reason. But electrical utility providers know that snow turns to ice, ice is heavy, and ultimately wreak havoc on overhead power utility lines. We exist to rapidly respond to power emergencies.

Here are some of the various ElecComm power restoration assets that are prepared, checked, and ready to rapidly respond to any emergency:

  • Man-lift Bucket Trucks
  • Material Bucket Trucks
  • Cable Truck
  • Cable Load Lugger
  • Digger Derrick
  • Underground Cable Puller
  • Splice vans(Step Van)
  • Aerial Splice Van
  • Cable Trailer(heavy duty)
  • Cable Trailer(light duty)
  • Cable Pulling Machine
  • Fiber Optic Trailer
  • Generators(Hydraulic)
  • Fiber Optic Pulling Machines
  • Fiber Cube Van
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Rod/Puller

In the event of technical glitches in the power poles due to strong wind and fallen trees, don't hesitate to contact ElecComm. Our team is always ready to respond 24/7.