ElecComm Restored Electric Power in Response to Winter Storm Juno – Plymouth, MA

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Last week, powerful winter storm Juno dumped upwards of 3 feet of snow over much of Massachusetts. The downpour of snow along with strong winds which at times had sustained winds well over 35 mph which lowered visibility, dropped temperatures, and wreaked havoc on power lines all over Massachusetts. As a result, thousands of people experienced electrical power interruptions. NSTAR and ElecComm Crews immediately responded.

The absence of electricity and the copious amounts of snow brought the state to a standstill. Tens of thousands of residents in Massachusetts were without power and a travel ban was in effect across the state. Schools, many universities, government offices, and public transit were closed as crews worked to clear up the snowfall, which hit more than two feet in many areas.

Without power commercial and residential furnaces and boilers shut down. When the power goes out during fierce winter storms it is very important that overhead power lines are restored and repaired as soon as possible. ElecComm worked for Northeast Utilities/ NSTAR in order to restore power to communities all over the state.

ElecComm crews were deployed to a remote location on Monday where they stood on standby ready to assist with power restoration. On Tuesday, ElecComm crews worked to restore power in Plymouth working through the night and into Wednesday.

The ElecComm storm response team worked with electric utility companies to help those who lost power. Despite one of the most powerful storms to blast through Plymouth, the community largely weathered the blizzard of 2015.

Luckily for the residents of Massachusetts, the snow storm was not the heavy wet variety. When the snow is heavy, there can be entire communities without power. However, ElecComm stands ready to help electric and utility companies as well as private commercial property owners restore power in any type of weather.

The reliable support and response team of ElecComm Power is available 24/7 during downtime. For more details, contact ElecComm.