ElecComm Installs and Removes a Wide Variety of Power and Telecom Cables

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Whether you need to move power or data, ElecComm is New England's first choice for electricity line construction and communications line construction. We pride ourselves in being your business' sole source for planning and installing high voltage power solutions as well as telecommunication network data solutions that range from serving a single business all the way up to serving the needs of entire municipalities.  

We install cables in a wide range of sizes (to include 1000Kcml, 700, 500, 300, 250, 1/0, and 2str) and for a wide range of purposes that include: 

  • Copper or Aluminum Cable
  • URD Installations
  • Rod/Rope and brush ducts
  • Pump and Clean MH's
  • Fiber Optic and Cable Installation and Splicing
  • Inner Duct Installation
  • All Grounding

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our Underground High/Low Voltage Cable Installation Removal and Splicing services