Electric Line Construction in for New Developments Across MA and New England

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As new commercial and residential developments are built around Massachusetts and New England, the need for fiber optic networks, telecommunication networks, and electric line construction is in demand. To supply power to businesses and homes  lines need to be built and existing infrastructure needs upkeep.

Additionally, city development or building rehabilitation needs electric line construction companies to work with existing utility companies to expand electric and utility distribution. ElecComm, based in Massachusetts, works closely with utility companies across New England in power line construction and maintenance. ElecComm provides project management, design, engineering and end to end management expertise to all electric line construction projects.

Utility companies and communities across Massachusetts and New England are constructing or updating electric transmission linestelecommunication networks, and fiberoptic networks. Let ElecComm assist in the project development and management of these construction projects. Construction companies, utility companies, and  municipalities are all the types of clients who call us to make use of our services.

For electric utility transmission and distribution, contact us.