Electric Line Construction Storm Response - Boston

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As winter approaches, utility companies and electric line construction companies are readying electric lines for storms and winter weather. This entails trimming trees and performing repairs and maintenance to overhead lines.  When winter ice, wind, and snow storms strike electric companies as well as cities and towns are often stretched thin doing electric line repair work in the aftermath of these storms.

ElecComm is an independent electric line construction contractor with an innovative, 24/7 a storm response team that is always available to go to work for towns, private companies, utility companies, ISPs, and universities around Boston.

When winter weather affects fiber optic networks, overhead and underground electronic transmission, distribution and telecommunication systems, ElecComm is the electric line contracting company of choice in Boston and New England.

When municipalities, developers and electric companies need to install, remove and maintain underground and overhead electric lines, fiber networks and communication distribution systems, or for storm response, contact ElecComm.