Electric Line Repair Power Infrastructure Repair Following Natural Disasters

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Hurricane season is upon us. Summer storms can be fierce. The tornado in Oklahoma gave us something to think about when we think about power infrastructure repair. Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) has been frantically attempting to restore power to those tornado-damaged areas that are able to accept electric service.

More than 41,000 OG&E customers were without power. Presently there are now only 5000 customers without power, however several thousand of those are unable to accept power at this time.

Following natural disasters, ElecComm has employees, contractors and crews who can assist New England and New York utility companies to replace or repair electric lines and power infrastructure. ElecComm has been called upon regularly by area utility companies to help restore power to normal operating conditions after natural disasters.

For more information on electric line construction and repair and repair of power infrastructure, contact ElecComm.