Electrical Transmission Line Construction - Boston

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For Overhead electric transmission, Underground electric transmission and Underground high voltage cables in Boston, you need an electrical construction company that specializes in project management, design, engineering and end to end management expertise.

For electric utility transmission and distribution ElecComm is a construction and fiber-optic cable company that is experience in utility line construction execution and management. This allows for cost effective projects to be completed in the timely manner.

For the installation, removal and maintenance of underground and overhead high and low voltage electric lines, fiber optic cables and communication distribution systems in every environment ElecComm is the company of choice for utility companies across New England.

If an entirely new utility system is needed, our services include engineering, design, fueling, logistics and construction projects. Construction companies, utility companies, manufacturing, municipalities and commercial properties seek our work.

Want more information? Contact ElecComm, an electric and communications line construction company