Fiber Optic Cable Installation Requires Licensed and Skillful Technicians

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Due to the higher demand for fast transmission speed, many businesses want to upgrade their communication networks to fiber optic cables. Additionally, fiber optic cables are less susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances when compared to traditional copper wires. Telecommunication networks in Wilmington, MA continue to enhance the capability of fiber optic cable systems.

In order to utilize fiber optics to their full extent, skillful manipulation of cable wires is required during fiber optic splicing and wiring. Optical cables have less malleable glass fibers than copper wires. As a result, they are more frail in regards to wiring tension. When they are overly exposed to stress, this can lead to broken optical fibers which can result in network slowdown.

Fiber optic cable systems feature a standard fixture, arc and loops that are not sighted or applied in their copper counterparts. International electrical code has required this critical method and special licenses are issued to technicians who handle fiber optic cables. If you are looking for licensed personnel to carry out the fiber optic installation for your business, contact ElecComm.