Fiber Optic Splicing Maximizes Light Transmissions in Order to Improve Critical Operations - Wilmington, MA

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Instead of using optical fiber connectors, it is now possible to perform fiber optic splicing. This is when two optical fibers are spliced together creating a permanent or relatively permanent connection between the two fiber optic cables.

There are many different occasions when fiber optic splicing in Wilmington, MA is needed or helpful. One of the most common would be when a fiber optic cable that is available is not long enough for the required run in an application. In this case, the two fiber optic cables can be spliced together, accurately aligning them to ensure that the level of light transmission is maximized. They are then clamped in place to make a permanent connection. Once the fiber optic splice has been created, the fiber optic splicer then makes an estimate of the loss by directing light through one side and measuring the light that leaks on the other side of the splice making sure that transmission loss is lessened if not absolutely eliminated.

There are a multitude of benefits and advantages of fiber optic splicing. In fact, telecommunication network design installations incorporate this technology in order to improve the clarity, capacity, as well as the speed and security of the telecommunication networks.

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