Fiber Optic Splicing Provides A Cabling Solution that Improves Network Installations - Pittsfield, MA

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Today more and more telecommunication network design installations in Pittsfield, MA incorporates fiber optic splicing. This fiber cabling solution offers many benefits than other cabling options but are dependent on the splicing technique used. For this reason, it is important that companies entrust this type of project to professionals who ensure the job gets done right.

Fiber optic splicing creates a permanent joint between two fibers. These fibers are simply strands of flexible glass that are as thin as human hair. When hundreds or even thousands are arranged in bundles, these fibers are collectively called as optical cables. They are covered with cladding, a special kind of protective coating that creates a mirror-lined wall that can reflect light back into the core or center of the cable. A buffer coating then serves as a final outer layer that serves to protect the optical cables from damage and moisture. This ensures that nothing can disrupt the transmission of light signals during operation.

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