Fiber Optic Splicing Should be Done by Reputable and Experienced Companies for a Successful Splice - Boston, MA

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Fiber optic splicing is actually a multi-step process of melding optical fibers together using localized heat. The bare fibers are cleaned and cleaved in preparation for fusion. The cleaving procedure requires microscopes to ensure a perfectly flat, 90-degree cut. The fiber ends are aligned and fused together by applying concentrated heat. And before receiving the protective covering, the conjoined fiber undergoes rounds of testing.

Improperly-cut fibers account for a large percentage of the data loss experienced in poorly constructed telecommunication networks in Boston, MA. That is why it is best to hire reputable electricians who have been trained in the latest fiber optic splicing technologies for telecommunication network installations. So whether you are considering adding a fiber optic network or changing your existing network of copper wires, a company with experience and reputation is imperative for maximum benefits and to ensure a successful splice.

Most telecommunication network design installations now incorporate fiber optic splicing because of its many benefits. You can be confident that once the installation is complete, a network will be in place with high capacity and fast connections that enable seamless transmissions every time.

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