Fiber Optic Technician Safety Precautions

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ElecComm - Fiber Optic Communication Services, Boston, MA

When active in fiber optic install and maintenance support there are safety precautions that must be followed. Today we discuss safety precautions to take to protect eyes.

In the fiber optic work arena it is critical that everyone entering inside the area wears safety glasses with side shields. This is especially true when accomplishing splicing or termination activities. Worker’s eyes are susceptible to injury from transmission of light. Anyone looking directly at the transmission of fiber optic light frequencies can suffer the loss of visual acuity or blind spots. More so, the fiber fragments are a very serious hazard since they are very small pieces of glass such when small fragments fall, it is very hard to be seen and need to be picked up with tweezers hence it is advised to use a dark mat that is chemical-resistant and elastic on the work surface. Lastly, all food and beverages are strongly prohibited to be entered inside the work area.

And in order to ensure safety in the workplace, when finished with a fiber optic job, all cut fiber pieces will be disposed of properly along with any used chemicals and containers. And employees leaving the work area are required to check their clothing for pieces of stray fiber and in case they find something, it will be removed with double-sided tape. Overall, once work is completed it will be necessary to follow the safety rules that will keep the workers healthy and the work environment safe for all employees as a whole.

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