Golf Course Netting for Country Clubs and City Driving Ranges - Boston

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Country club, golf course and driving range owners and managers need to always be thinking how to improve golfing facilities. Updates are constant, but never forget to regularly be updating the outside as well as the inside.  Installing golf course nets and poles is another way to improve your country club, range or course.

With reliable golf course netting, driving ranges can be established in more urban or more populated areas. Durable golf netting makes it possible for golfers to get their practice swing in at driving ranges in areas with limited available space.

Golf course netting and poles at driving ranges prevent golf balls from causing property damage and injury to pedestrians. While the trajectory of the ball may be hampered by a shorter city driving range, golfers will see the initial flight and that initial trajectory is enough to let you know if the ball was hit well.  

High quality golf netting allows practicing golfers to drive actual golf balls rather than practice balls. However, golf course netting is constantly exposed to elements so should be inspected regularly. For high quality golf course netting, contact ElecComm.