Golfers Choose Courses and Ranges with Well Maintained Golf Course Netting - Boston

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Do you plan to expand or improve the facilities at your golf driving range? Now that spring is here, it may be time to upgrade the facility. Planned improvements will make the driving range more of a top-of-mind facility when the season starts each year.

Most golf courses and driving ranges share a boundary with something. Golf course netting protects your neighbors and protects you from liability.

Expansion and improvement of your golf range will improve customer demand during early spring, late fall and winter. When the range is in good repair, it is the range that gets chosen first. If your range offers amenities or facilities for events, this is an even bigger reason to ensure that golf course netting is in good repair.

This season, your golf course and driving range scheduled improvements should include replacing the netting around the driving range.

Many public-access golf courses closed last year nationwide. Mainly this is caused by loss of revenue. When a golf course or range is well maintained, attractive and convenient, sales increase, increasing revenue.

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