Immediate Power Line Repair Storm Response, the Answer to Weather-Related Power Outages - Boston, MA

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Heavy snowfall matched with high winds can cause severe damage to overhead power lines in Boston, MA. This can result in power outages that hamper a lot of business operations in Massachusetts.

Protective equipment shuts off the flow of power when objects, like a tree limb, come in contact with power lines or circuit breakers. Extreme winter weather conditions can cause trees to be uprooted, knocking down overhead power lines and poles. As a result, power is lost to both commercial and residential areas that are connected to that circuit. Worse, furnaces and other heating systems that are dependent to electrical power also shut-down creating unsafe circumstances because of the severe cold. In these instances, immediate power line storm response is needed to restore power to affected areas.

Power line repairs can take a long time, during winter power outages. Downed trees, snow, and other debris may block streets preventing access to the affected areas. The ElecComm Crew is fully equipped to respond to minor and major power outages in Massachusetts.

For assistance during a weather-related power outage, contact ElecComm.