Title: UG Lineworker Leader
Organization: Electric Operations
Reports to: Supervisor
Job Code:

1. Role and Scope of Position:
  • Responsible for the installing, and constructing of plant and equipment.
  • Directs and trains employees of an equal or lower rating.
  • Incumbents work under general supervision.

2. Essential Functions:
  • Directs and performs functions associated with cable, electrical equipment, and conduit to install and remove.
  • Operates trucks and equipments of any size in conjunction with inspecting, installing, connecting, disconnecting of conductors, and other plant and equipment.
  • Can assist or be assisted by personnel of a higher, equal, or lowering rating for all tasks within the line of progression.

3. Accountability/Impact of Position:
  • Accountable for all personal and crew/team performance consistent with company standards.
  • Responsible for the safe conduct of all employees within work team/crew.
  • Responsible for displaying a positive company image with respect to customers and community.
  • Responsible for providing accurate and timely information with respect to customer service.
  • Responsible for maintaining a positive work environment by behaving and communicating in a professional manner that fosters good relationships with employees, customers, clients, and supervisors.

4.Technical Knowledge/SkilliEducation/Licenses/Certifications: (What do incumbents need to know to competently perform the role?)
Technical Knowledge/Skill: Must have full knowledge of The fundamentals of electricity; the layout, functions and construction of the underground electric system; the theory and practices of splicing. the standards and specifications for installation, removal and repair of the underground electric system; the practices. principles of operations and the proper applications of equipment as prescribed by the Company for safety and first aid.
Education: High School Education or equivalent

  • Must be qualified by experience on lower grade assignments in cable and conduit and splicing work.
  • Must have demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for splicing, cable, and conduit work and ability in underground electric systems.
Licenses & Certifications: Massachusetts License to Operate Motor Vehicles Class A
Illustrative duties: In addition to the duties of an UG Lineworker Class I. directs, participates in, and is responsible for the installation, removal of underground transmission, distribution and street lighting system cable, conduit, duct lines, manholes, terminal boxes, transformers, switches, lampposts, lamps and luminaries and other similar apparatus and equipment: makes all types of electrical connections on cable and equipment; performs soldering operations; directs employees so that work is performed in an efficient mariner in accordance with safe practices and in conformity with operatinu and construction standards; instructs employees in the performance of the work that he is directing: cares for and conserves materials, tools and equipment; initiates request and makes recommendations relating to work under his direction: deals with municipal representatives. customers and others: operates commercial motor vehicles required for the performance of duties: prepares necessary reports and records associated with the work including field reports, tithe sheets. requisitions, and daily work reports.

5. Working Conditions:
Ability and willingness to perform moderately heavy physical work indoors and outdoors in all season and at times for extended periods.
Required to work various rotating shifts (any live days)

6. Mental Aspects:
Must be analytical, alert, and careful and have mechanical aptitude.
Must have the ability to lead a group of employees with confidence and guide them effectively, fairly, and efficiently.