Mechanical Fiber Optic Splicing Requires Competent Technicians for a Job Done Right - Wilmington, MA

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A lot of telecommunication network design installations now incorporate the science of fiber optic splicing. This method allows for a telecommunication network that has improved working capacity and better transmission of information in any form.

Mechanical fiber optic splicing in Wilmington, MA is a similar procedure to traditional splicing. The difference lies in the actual fusing of the fiber optics in which the cleaved fiber ends are aligned and secured to one another by a specialized connector apparatus. This holds both fiber ends in place and allows light signals to flow freely between them during transmission. This type of fiber optic splicing is actually advantageous in applications where a connect/disconnect capability is required.

Improperly-cut fibers account for a large percentage of data loss experienced in poorly-configured telecommunication networks. In order for this job to be executed correctly, the competencies of technical and infrastructure experts like those at ElecComm are needed. The crew has the education and the experience in design, splice, and installation in addition to networking and testing and auditing as well as emergency restoration and repair.

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