Overhead Electrical Power Supply Storm Response Services

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ElecComm’s Power Emergency Response Team

In transmitting electric energy especially for long-distance transmission to large quantities of electric energy, overhead power lines are the most commonly used. This is because the uninsulated electrical cables being suspended in towers or poles are insulated by the surrounding air as it is in an open space. And once the safety measures and required overhead line standards are followed, it provides greater comfort and improved functions in the distribution of electric energy without interruptions.

The efficiency of an overhead power supply in transmitting or distributing electric power depends on the design of the line. Overhead power lines must possess the mechanical strength to survive various weather conditions. With that said, sometimes mother nature is just too strong. High winds, falling trees, salt, and other elements conspire to destroy the continuity of the line. When that happens, ElecComm is equipped, trained, and ready to respond.

When power disaster strikes, turn to professionals of ElecComm’s Power Emergency Response Team.